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August 13, 2012


My slides from SAA


August 13, 2012

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  1. Historic Social Networks Prototype access system

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  3. Outline
    • User Persona
    • Search and Display
    • Network graph visualization
    • Linked Data / RDF
    • Future Plans

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  4. Meet the target users
    • Randy: Graduate student working on a PhD that involves biographies and the study of diplomatic
    families and networks. Sometimes he comes to the site looking for information on specific people; other
    times he is looking for information on a specific subject or event. He also TAs an undergraduate history
    class and sometimes has to help students find topics for papers.
    • Connie: Works at an institution that contributed records to the project. Is going to be asking
    themselves how this site would be useful to their users. Wants to understand how their records were
    used and what the added value is.
    • Quincy: Library School Student working to QA record matching.

    • Adele: Person doing authority work during collection processing.

    • Lenny: Lenny likes linked data, and wants to be able to mine the links that have been established
    Personas are fictional characters created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude and/or behavior set that might use a site, brand
    or product in a similar way. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persona_(marketing)

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  5. Outline
    • User Persona
    • Search and Display
    • Network graph visualization
    • Linked Data / RDF
    • Future Plans

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  15. Advanced limits match EAC sections

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  33. Outline
    • User Persona
    • Search and Display
    • Network graph visualization
    • Context widget (needs new name)

    • Linked Data / RDF
    • Future Plans

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  34. Tinkerpop graph database stack
    • Simple "property graph" model
    • "JDBC for graph databases" [SNAC is using Neo4J for
    the graphDB]
    • XPath like "gremlin" for graph query
    • REST interfaces with "Rexster"
    • For me, this was 10 to 100 times easier than using RDF

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  44. Outline
    • User Persona
    • Search and Display
    • Network graph visualization
    • Linked Data / RDF
    • Future Plans

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  45. What is Linked Open Data?
    • w3c Semantic Web Technology Stack
    • Web of atomized Data, not a web of documents
    • RDF; OWL ontologies; SPARQL queries; triple/quad/quint
    • httpRange14; content negotiation; CURIE
    • No restrictions on data use; free and easy license
    • Lenny wants it, but does Randy?

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  46. What is Linked Open Data?
    • Getting to the good stuff
    • Blue underlined text
    • Pulling in data from multiple sources, in an intelligent
    way, into a "document"
    • Understand and discover relationships
    • Open access for research, education, private study and
    other fair use

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  47. RDFa owl:sameAs

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  48. HTML 5 microdata in chron list

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  49. Thanks Ed Summers!
    RDF of the social graph

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  53. http://templates.xdams.net/IBC/ontology/eac-cpf.rdf
    Silvia Mazzini
    regesta.exe srl

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  55. &mode=xml2owl [experimental]

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  56. My opinion on the use cases for w3c RDF tech
    • Good for publishing data
    • Good for controlled vocabularies
    • Data models?
    • Most people with open source RDF-store type systems
    do the real stuff with solr
    • Consider a graph database

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  58. Outline
    • User Persona
    • Search and Display
    • Linked Data / RDF
    • Network graph visualization
    • Future Plans

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  59. Future Plans
    • Conduct assessment activities involving members of target
    audiences to establish mental model of users for design work
    • Scale interface to millions of names
    • Visualizations useful and integrated (network and geospatial)
    • Stable URLs between batches for linked data
    • Social and personalization features (gateway to crowdsourcing)
    • Integration with local systems (such as with the context widget)

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  60. • Photo attribution http://www.flickr.com/photos/
    • http://xtf.cdlib.org/
    • http://code.google.com/p/eac-graph-load/source/
    • http://tinkerpop.com/
    • http://thejit.org/
    • https://github.com/tingletech/snac-related-widget

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