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RBMS12 Linked Open Data Panel

RBMS12 Linked Open Data Panel


June 26, 2012

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  1. Linked Open Data in SNAC
    #RBMS12 Brian Tingle @tingletech

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  2. What is Linked Open Data?
    • w3c Semantic Web Technology Stack
    • Web of atomized Data, not a web of documents
    • RDF; OWL ontologies; SPARQL queries; triple/quad/quint
    • httpRange14; content negotiation; CURIE
    • No restrictions on data use; free and easy license
    • Not of direct interest to most "real users"

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  3. What is Linked Open Data?
    • Getting to the good stuff
    • Blue underlined text
    • Pulling in data from multiple sources, in an intelligent
    way, into a "document"
    • Understand and discover relationships
    • Open access for research, education, private study and
    other fair use

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  22. • First steps into linked data proper; embedded RDFa
    and micro data

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  23. RDFa owl:sameAs

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  24. HTML 5 microdata in chron list

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  25. Tinkerpop graph database stack
    • Simple "property graph" model
    • "JDBC for graph databases" [SNAC is using Neo4J for
    the graphDB]
    • XPath like "gremlin" for graph query
    • REST interfaces with "Rexster"
    • For me, this was 10 to 100 times easier than using RDF

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  27. Thanks Ed Summers!
    RDF of the social graph

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  28. Open Data
    • Summers' flavor RDF and graphML
    • Open Data Commons Attribution License
    • other data made available for research, but is not open

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  31. • Record view page has meta link to Summers style
    RDF for the page (via SPARQL query). -- content
    negotiation is not supported, but I think what we are
    doing is httpRange14 compliant
    • Also experimenting with italian RDF via xslt

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  32. http://templates.xdams.net/IBC/ontology/eac-cpf.rdf
    Silvia Mazzini
    regesta.exe srl

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  34. &mode=xml2owl [experimental]

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  35. Future LOD plans for SNAC
    • Stable URIs between batches
    • More links to related sources such as dbpedia, IMDB,
    familysearch, id.loc.gov
    • Content negotiation (in SNAC 2 I'll have control over the front
    end apache, so this should be easy enough)
    • Visualizations useful and integrated (network and geospatial)
    • Integration with local systems (such as with the context

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