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TidyApp Customer Validation

Bdb3e87c8ff8876185636fc58269e896?s=47 Shanelle Recheta
March 18, 2021

TidyApp Customer Validation

TidyAPP, a web-based application for monitoring,
modifying and reporting inventory in a real-time
database accessible by all users, all compliant to
government requirements


Shanelle Recheta

March 18, 2021


  1. TidyApp Customer Discovery Shanelle Recheta, EEEI

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  6. Inventory Management Warehousing Processing Facilities And Equipment Security

  7. Typical issues • Accuracy • Resistance to change • User

    capability • Security • Customizability • Aging • Regulatory Issues • Interfacing
  8. Past Mainframe It is a large self-contained unit with centralized

    data storage and resource administration, and multiple layers of redundancy for every component: power supplies, cooling, backup batteries, CPUs, I/O components, and cryptography modules. Present Server-based The maintenance and redundancy needs of server farms can be effectively nullified by automation and orchestration tools, making them more easily managed than mainframes. Future Cloud-computing • Flexibility • Disaster recovery • Automatic software updates • Increased collaboration • Work from anywhere • Document control • Competitiveness • Environmentally friendly
  9. Selecting an Inventory Software • Business Model • Management style

    • Competitive advantage
  10. Server-based (Off-the-Shelf) • Scalable • Easier and much simpler to

    add multiple users Mainframe (Customized) • Maintenance is costly • There remains a few developers for mainframe-based applications
  11. Transition Types Big-bang This implementation is more expensive but with

    this, the system can be totally migrated in just 1 year. Phased This implementation could take up to 7 years before the system is totally migrated. Note: same level of difficulty in terms of execution - the only determining advantage being the execution time
  12. SAP 6: Systems, Applications and Products Well-known for its Enterprise

    Resource Planning (ERP) and data management programs, SAP Inventory Management is part of SAP's Supply Chain Management component used to manage the inventory management and physical inventory business processes of a company.
  13. Current Problem: Technical Issues • Transactions are still prone to

    human error. • Some transactions are not done on time or are only done partially. • These incomplete transactions cause inaccuracy and inconsistency.
  14. Current Problem: Technical Issues Coming from a customized type of

    software, the challenge has not been the lack of some functionality but the system has so many functions and features that it had been taking the team some time trying to figure out which functionalities of the new system corresponds to those in the old system. “It is hard to tell at the moment. Wala pa namang nagiging problema. In fact, sobra sobra pa nga.”
  15. Current Situation: Attempted Solutions • New modules are being introduced

    to the system • Develop KPI and conduct better trainings • Retrain outsourced employees • Determine metrics for a graded performance ◦ good way to detect and penalize failure of compliance
  16. Ideal Inventory Software Customized Interfaceable faster transition from an existing

    system to a new one
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