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PLATEAU AWARD 2022 ファイナリスト作品No.12
チーム名:小関 健太郎


  1. Architecture ٕज़ߏ੒ OwnTwin owntwin/owntwin σδλϧπΠϯߏஙϑϨʔϜϫʔΫ React + Three.js (r3f) ͷΤίγεςϜΛ׆༻

    PlateauKit ozekik/plateaukit PLATEAUσʔλม׵ɾར༻ͷͨΊͷ 
 PythonϥΠϒϥϦ GeoJSON / CityJSON etc. Λੜ੒ɾૢ࡞ ͦͷଞॲཧ ϑϩϯτΤϯυ Own౦ژ όοΫΤϯυ ϦΞϧλΠϜج൫ Ϣʔβʔσʔλج൫ Τοδ഑৴ج൫ ҙຯσʔλج൫ Ϣʔβʔࣗ਎ͷ 
 ެ։/ඇެ։σʔλ PLATEAUσʔλ 
 bldg/luse/dem… ࠃɾ౦ژ౎ 
 طଘΦʔϓϯσʔλ Own౦ژ NEW NEW
  2. Ownࡳຈ Own܊ࢁ Own͍Θ͖ OwnനՏ Own๶ా Own Ӊ౎ٶ Ownۅੜ Ownؗྛ Own͍ͨ͞·

    Own۽୩ Own৽ ࠲ Ownໟ࿊ࢁ Ownദ Own౦ژ Ownԣ඿ Own઒࡚ Own ૬໛ݪ Ownԣਢլ Ownശࠜ Own৽ׁ Ownۚ୔ OwnՃ լ Ownদຊ OwnԬ୩ Ownҏಹ Ownכ໺ Ownذෞ Own প௡ Ownֻ઒ Own٠઒ Own໊ݹ԰ OwnԬ࡚ Own௡ౡ Own҆৓ Ownେࡕ Own๛த Own஑ా Ownߴ௬ Ownઁ ௡ Own஧Ԭ OwnՃݹ઒ Ownௗऔ Ownޖ Own෱ࢁ Own দࢁ Own๺۝भ Ownٱཹถ Own൧௩ Ownफ૾ Own۽ ຊ Ownߥඌ Ownۄ໊ Ownӹ৓ Own೔ా Ownಹ೼ … Own౦ژ