Designing Towards Event Sourcing

Designing Towards Event Sourcing

µCon 2019 (London, UK)

Event sourcing offers you many benefits from both business and pure programming angles. As it's such a fundamental design principle, one might argue that it should be introduced early in your designs. However, this doesn't need to be the case. Especially, when you are anticipating future requirements to be based on this but you don't have a budget to solve them yet as you are dealing with today's problems.


Join Tugberk in this session where he will walk you though an evolvable software architecture based on Domain-driven Design and CQRS, which can let you optimise for today's problems at the same time allowing you to design towards event sourcing. You will also start understanding the concepts of Hexagonal Architecture pattern, which puts the Domain at the heart of the system and pushes the input and output at the edges.

This talk will give you some techniques to let you be tactical about your architectural approach, which will be especially handy when conflicts arises between business needs and refactoring costs.


Tugberk Ugurlu

May 30, 2019