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Essentials for Building and Leading Highly Effective Development Teams

Essentials for Building and Leading Highly Effective Development Teams

DevConf 2018 (Krakow, Poland)

Individually creating software to get the tasks done is the easier part of the whole story compared to doing it as a development team. From conflict resolution between the team members to deciding what features goes into the product, the team needs to make countless of decisions everyday and I bet you want to do this fast in order to hold on to your business’ competitive advantage.

As being a Technical Lead to a software development team, I’ll share my experience in this talk on what the essential principles are for building and leading a fast-paced, customer-centric and effective software development team. By the end of the talk, I hope to leave you with a few ideas that you can experiment within your own teams.

Tugberk Ugurlu

September 27, 2018

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  1. Essentials for Building and Leading Highly Effective Development Teams Tugberk

    Ugurlu @tourismgeek tugberkugurlu.com #DevConfPL Platinum Sponsor 26-28 September 2018, Kraków, Poland
  2. Cześć! I’m Tugberk ! I love creating products and making

    an impact on people’s lives ❤ You can !nd me at @tourismgeek # 3
  3. 4 I work at Redgate as a Technical Lead as

    part of a software development team !
  4. 287 Redgaters and counting 18 years old 202,000 customers 100,000

    cups of coffee each year 91% of the Fortune 100 use our tools 4m website visits each year 1147 product releases last year 68 User Groups sponsored About Redgate
  5. “ efficiency (n) Act of performing or functioning in the

    best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort. 10
  6. “ TL;DR; Being effective is about doing the right things,

    while being efficient is about doing things right. 11 https://bit.ly/2jk5MPw
  7. How do we know that we are doing the right

    thing? For our users and business 12
  8. “ If I had asked people what they wanted, they

    would have said faster horses. - Henry Ford (maybe?)
  9. JTBD (Jobs-to-Be-Done) People buy products and services to get a

    “job” done. https://www.intercom.com/books/jobs-to-be-done
  10. A User Story As a student or professional, I want

    to search for language schools so that I can find the best school suited to my needs based on schools’ price, location and other criteria. 31
  11. “ Hypothesis: A supposition or proposed explanation made on the

    basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.
  12. Hypothesis We believe that a language school search capability will

    result in users engaging with the search form to find language schools based on their criteria. We’ll know that we have succeeded when 40% of users use the search, out of at least 50 unique users. 35 https://www.thoughtworks.com/insights/blog/how-implement-hypothesis-driven-development
  13. 54 Unique Users 2 days experiment ~5 Searches Per session

    37% Searched Out of unique number of users 37
  14. Let the Uncertainty be Your Friend: Finding Your Path in

    a Wiggly Road https://vimeo.com/275529797 41
  15. Again: How do we know that we are doing the

    right thing? For our users and business 43
  16. You know only if you have an empowered and caring

    team! https://flic.kr/p/qM2oUL