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Benefits of Managed Kubernetes in Azure (Azure Container Service, AKS)

Benefits of Managed Kubernetes in Azure (Azure Container Service, AKS)

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 (Cambridge, UK)

Tugberk Ugurlu

April 21, 2018

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  1. Benefits of Managed Kubernetes in Azure (Azure Container Service, AKS)

    Tugberk Ugurlu tugberkugurlu.com @tourismgeek
  2. HELLO! I’m Tugberk I love crea1ng products and making an

    impact on people’s lives You can find me at @tourismgeek 2
  3. I work at Redgate Technical Lead at the Data Privacy

    and Protec8on Solu8on Team Our team is called The Spiders h?ps://www.red-gate.com/our-company/careers
  4. Microsoft MVP Visual Studio Development Technologies

  5. Context So, why am I talking about this? h5ps://flic.kr/p/diX7Ar

  6. I care about zero down/me deployments... h"ps://vimeo.com/171317249

  7. And it’s HARD ™ h"ps://flic.kr/p/4hBu38

  8. example-api-v0-6327638 example-api-v0-7814219 example-api-v0-9528392 LB v0.example.com example-api- process example-api- process example-api-

    process example-api-v0-6786234 example-api-v0-3266280 example-api-v0-8429842 example-api- process example-api- process example-api- process
  9. Internal LB-1 LB-1 Internal LB-2 server1 server2 server3 server4 server5

    server6 server7 server8 server9 server10 client client client client client client #ABBDevDay
  10. None
  11. A bit background, summary! Zero • -down)me deployments are hard

    (no shit!) I didn’t want to do it manually by coupling with a specific cloud • provider I wanted something that the en)re team can understand and have a • chat about (good abstrac)on with clear concepts)
  12. Kubernetes!

  13. But, wait!

  14. None
  15. “Managed Kubernetes container orchestra3on service in Azure! Azure Container Service

    (AKS) to the rescue!
  16. “Removes the complexity of implemen3ng, installing, maintaining and securing Kubernetes.

    Azure Container Service (AKS)
  17. “Avoid being locked into any one vendor or resource. Azure

    Container Service (AKS)
  18. Deploy an AKS Cluster and Run the Apps on It

    Create a resource group Enable AKS on Azure Create AKS cluster Connect to the cluster Run the applica8on
  19. All through Azure CLI and kubectl

  20. Enable the service

  21. Create the resource group

  22. Creating the Cluster

  23. Crea%ng the Cluster

  24. Crea%ng the Cluster

  25. Browse in K8s Dashboard

  26. AKS Cluster in Azure Portal

  27. AKS Cluster in Azure Portal

  28. AKS Cluster in Azure Portal

  29. AKS Cluster in Azure Portal

  30. Run the Apps on AKS

  31. Test the App

  32. Test the App

  33. Scaling the Nodes See h%ps://docs.microso1.com/en-us/azure/aks/scale-cluster

  34. Upgrading the K8s cluster See h%ps://docs.microso1.com/en-us/azure/aks/tutorial-kubernetes-upgrade-cluster

  35. Blog Post: h*ps://bit.ly/2qLQAwu

  36. Resources AKS Docs: • h+ps://docs.microso3.com/en-gb/azure/aks/ Container Registry Docs: • h+ps://docs.microso3.com/en-gb/azure/container-registry/

    Connect(); • 2017 session: h+ps://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Connect/2017/E101 Launch blog post: • h+ps://azure.microso3.com/en-gb/blog/introducing-azure-container-service- aks-managed-kubernetes-and-azure-container-registry-geo-replicaMon/ Sample app code: • h+ps://github.com/Azure-Samples/azure-voMng-app-redis