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TKP Amsterdam 2012 Discussion

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December 04, 2012

TKP Amsterdam 2012 Discussion

Rob Fender



December 04, 2012


  1. Discussion 1. Readiness for Cycle 0: Resources Manpower & Task

    Allocation 2. What do we want from MSSS? 3. Preparing for Cycle 1
  2. Proposal number PI TItle Request 003 Fender (general) Wide field

    searches for image-plane radio transients 196 005 Courtin (Planets WG) A determination of the abundance of water in Saturn's deep atmosphere with LOFAR 20 006 De Pater (Planets WG) LOFAR Observations of Jupiter's Synchrotron Radiation 23 007 Zarka (Planets WG) Exoplanet radio search and characterization 43 008 Stappers (Pulsars WG) LOFAR studies of pulsars, fast transients and the ISM 85 010 Karastergiou ARTEMIS on LOFAR: 260 011 Verbiest (Pulsars WG) Pulsar timing with LOFAR 45 013 Osten (Flare stars WG) Stellar Radio Astronomy with LOFAR 24 014 Serylak (Pulsars WG) Studying pulsars and the interstellar medium using International LOFAR stations 364
  3. Proposal number PI TItle Request 23 Griessmeier (Planets WG) Measuring

    the energy of Saturn's lightning 30 34 Hessels (Pulsars WG) LOTAAS: The LOFAR Tied-Array All-Sky Survey for Pulsars and Fast Transients 200 35 Van Leeuwen (Pulsars WG) Targeted searches for pulsars and fast transients 90 39 Miller-Jones (Jets WG) Variable jet sources in the LOFAR band 78 (not including Karastergiou and Serylak) TOTAL 834 hr
  4. Proposal number PI TItle Request 17 Lazio A Search for

    radio emissions from HD 80606b 30 22 Ransom LOFAR timing of pulsars and rotating radio transients in GBT 350-MHz surveys 114 31 McNamara AGN outburst in MS0735.6+7421 15 36 Beskin Low-frequency polarization observations of radio pulsars to determine the properties of the plasma 12 40 Cordes Using Diffractive Interstellar Scintillations (DISS) to Resolve Pulsar magnetospheres 18 42 Lewandowska Multi-frequency observations of giant radio pulse emission from pulsars 22 Open-time proposals in 'our' area (some of these include TKSP members) TOTAL 211 hr
  5. Results (teaser) from ASTRON: “So today I have to suffice

    by saying that both large proposals LC0_003 and LC0_008 did very well in the process, and will get very significant allocations, while most of the smaller proposals from your group, but not all, can probably be scheduled in part. I think your team will be loaded with more than enough data soon enough! We hope to have more news in the next few days, and to settle all allocations well before Christmas.” (Interlude: several more emails) “Okay, I think the only additional suggestion I feel I can give right now is that your group really should prepare to deal with a major fraction of the data requested.”
  6. STSci ICRAR Manc. So'ton ASTRON Ams. ASTRON Nancay P /

    O ~ 1 means we can only do limited stuff on CEP – just NDPPP? and then do all the rest of our processing on local facilities?Are there enough? How is transients database synchronised between sites? Essential that there is a stable version of TraP available from now on In preparation...
  7. 2. What do we want from MSSS? and what issues

    would you like me to take to the KSP PI meeting next week? Commissioning of fast modes in 2013? NCP (Stewart) Comparison of variability with VLSS ? Survey of high-energy sources (e.g. XRBs, Fermi sources)? (G. Heald) 31.2% 18.2% 32.5% 13.0% 4.5% 0.6%
  8. 3. Preparing for cycle 1 Provisional deadline March 15 Strategy

    will depend on: – what projects got time in cycle 0 – what the cycle 0 projects got → we need to have some quantifiable results from the Cycle 0 projects → for the larger projects that may mean making sure that key measurements are made on some subset of the data rather than half-finishing
  9. Bid for funding has gone in for joint MeerKAT/ASKAP/LOFAR transients

    meeting Proposed dates: 8-12 July 2013 With.... SuperJEDI