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The new FT HTML5 website

The new FT HTML5 website

In June 2011, Assanka launched the Financial Times web app, built entirely in web technologies. The app works on a wide variety of tablets and smartphones, silently updates to the latest version and does not require an app store

Andrew Betts

April 20, 2012

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  1. Great stuff about the web •  Openness •  Community ownership

    •  Interoperability •  Accessibility •  Freedom •  Universal access •  Low regulation
  2. WAP

  3. Great stuff about apps •  Ease of use* *I'm only

    counting “information apps” developed for all mobile platforms, so there are no development speed benefits and hardware integration is unnecessary
  4. Bad stuff about apps •  Expensive to build for multiple

    platforms – iOS, WebOS, WinPhone, Android, QNX, BBOS •  App Store fees •  Loss of control over customer data •  No control over distribution channel promotion
  5. There is a video here To view the video, visit

  6. The challenges •  Layout •  Offline use •  Navigation and

    interaction •  Change of mindset (remember WAP?)
  7. Flowed columns •  CSS columns not good enough •  CSS3

    Template Layouts would be awesome… if anyone supported them •  Adobe webkit fork also awesome, but not in iOS native webkit •  Solution we use: Measure the content and cut it into positioned containers using JavaScript
  8. Podcast player •  HTML5 Audio player embeds podcast content • 

    But we need audio to continue playing after navigating away
  9. Fastclick layer •  Touch is instant, click requires ~300ms linger

    •  Some taps are shorter •  'Fastclick' layer to detect very brief taps, convert to clicks. •  Used for devices that fire touch events •  Used eg for tapping through an article •  Disables interactions like double tap to zoom
  10. Offline access •  Launching the app offline •  Making text

    content available offline •  Storing content images offline •  Analytics
  11. Launching the app offline •  Ensure every resource the browser

    needs is in the manifest •  Attach event listeners to manifest events to allow progress feedback •  Manifest is atomic – download all or none •  Webkit manifest bug – obscure naming of the manifest helps •  Set dynamic comment in manifest for dev
  12. Offline text content •  Manifest stores framework, ‘scaffolding’ •  Need

    something else for editorial content •  IndexedDB is the emerging standard but not supported by Safari •  Currently use SQLite •  Small database mode < 5MB •  Large mode requires consent for 50MB •  Use localStorage for index, as it's faster
  13. Offline images •  Editorial images – too many and too

    temporary to put in manifest. But binary data from SQLite can't be put in an IMG tag •  Solution: Download images as base64 encoded strings •  Store in SQLite •  Render as data: URIs –  <img src=“data:image/png;……” /> •  Currently looking at File API
  14. Effects of using data URIs •  Operators don’t see images

    as images, so don’t do nasty recompression •  Multiple images can be batched in one HTTP response •  Response can be gzipped (resulting size is comparable to size of original images)
  15. Analytics •  Can’t use Google Analytics etc offline •  Instead

    log user actions into SQLite •  POST the log when requesting updated content •  Server-side, convert into an Apache-format access log •  Remember: logs are never definitive. Offline stats are reported on a variable delay.
  16. Unresolved problems •  SSL indicator / padlock •  Social media

    integration •  Offline adverts •  Automated QA
  17. What have we learned? •  Ease of use is absolutely

    critical •  The web can deliver on this almost as well, and in some cases, better, than native •  Web apps retain all the benefits of the web that you give up when building native apps •  So don’t build native apps. Build web apps!
  18. Questions? •  Andrew Betts •  [email protected] •  You should follow

    me on twitter here: @triblondon •  Assanka is hiring (assanka.net/jobs)