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Deploy Django on Windows Azure web sites in 5 minutes

Deploy Django on Windows Azure web sites in 5 minutes


Ming Shien Tzang

May 25, 2013

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  1. Deploy Django on Windows Azure web sites in 5 minutes

    by @tzangms
  2. Start from scratch you can deploy django from library in

    1 minutes
  3. musician @tzangms CTO of StreetVoice 小海

  4. I won’t Live Demo today

  5. What PaaS I’ve used •Heroku •AppEngine •dotcloud •AWS •ep.io (dead)

    •djangy (dead)
  6. What I like in Azure

  7. Nice Dashboard

  8. None
  9. Easy deployment just a few clicks

  10. None
  11. Then it’s automatic!

  12. None
  13. Visual Studio is too complicated for me So I stick

    with the command line.
  14. Important Concept

  15. You have to commit python packages in `site-packages`

  16. $ pip install <package> \ -t site-packages -t = target

  17. Dir Structure and that’s the site-packages I just mentioned

  18. Quick Start

  19. tzangms/django-azure-template github.com I already made a django template

  20. Follow the steps in README

  21. Then your will get this page

  22. Configuration in official document

  23. You don’t have to do these settings

  24. You need web.config

  25. There is more but I did not test it yet.

  26. Storage there is django-storages

  27. SQL Server there is django-mssql

  28. Thanks!