Veronica is an active researcher and member of the infosec community, and is a regular conference speaker. She also has spoken extensively internationally, including at the SANS DFIR Summit, and DEF CON. She also is a DEF CON Goon which speaks to her involvement in the community. She has recently started started a group DC2751. Her particular research interests include research into security vulnerabilities in medical devices forming part of the Internet of Things, and how these could be exploited by malicious attackers, as well as what types of forensic artefacts could be identified from any attacks. She is extremely passionate about protecting people whose lives depend on these medical devices, and her passion saw her becoming a member of the security research group, I am the Cavalry where she has been asked to head up their medical research focus area.
At her core Veronica is a forensicator and in love with every bit, byte and nibble of knowledge she has obtained. Veronica believes that she will never stop learning, she faces each challenge head on and has overcome all obstacles in her way.


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