The Autopsy of the PHOENIX X36 Hemodialysis System

The Autopsy of the PHOENIX X36 Hemodialysis System

Medical Device Security is a new buzz word. This is the new kid on the block. Everyone wants to hack a medical device. This talk focuses on another area that has yet to be developed. Digital Forensics and Incident Response is often forgotten when it comes to medical devices. This talk sheds light on research I've done to determine whether DFIR is viable on them currently. By reverse engineering the firmware and system artifacts of the Hemodialysis system, various artifacts have been identified which can be useful to determine whether the device has failed or if it has potentially been tampered with. Let me take you on a journey of a Post-Mortem of a medical device, delve into the hexadecimal world that it is made up of.


Veronica Schmitt

October 05, 2019