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Prisma Typescript Berlim 🇩🇪

Prisma Typescript Berlim 🇩🇪


Module Federation is a game-changing feature in Webpack 5 that allows developers to dynamically load code from remote servers at runtime. This new approach to JavaScript architecture allows you to break your application into smaller, independent modules that can be easily shared and integrated into larger applications. In this talk, we will dive into the details of Module Federation and explore how it can be used to create scalable, maintainable micro-frontend applications. Join us to learn how to improve the performance and flexibility of your React apps with Module Federation.


What excites me the most about this talk is the opportunity of showing how Module Federation can be used to create micro-frontends. I have been working with micro-frontends for a while now, and I have seen how it can be a game-changer in JavaScript architecture. I have also seen how it can be difficult to implement, and I think that Module Federation can be a great tool to make it easier.

Vitor Alencar

December 11, 2022

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  1. MY "WHY" 🤔 💭 WHY I DO WHAT I DO

    I believe it is possible to change the world through technology.....
  2. Hi 👋, I'm Vitor Alencar. I'm a software engineer! I

    helped improve Brazil education I helped people share their opinions online now I'm helping people get their money back!
  3. @vitormalencar Microfrontends are especially useful when we have projects with

    dozens of developers working together in a large business domain Why Micro front ends ?
  4. @vitormalencar MFE similar methodology Be able to be managed from

    separate teams Deploy independently Small application set Better Domain separation
  5. @vitormalencar Let's check the current state of tools out there

    for code sharing What are our options now?
  6. @vitormalencar Why is hard NPM is slow It grows in

    complexity Custom-made tools get dated fast Sharing is usually primitive
  7. @vitormalencar What is module federation Share modules / components /

    functions / data deploy independent SPA's Over the wire at runtime Redundancy and self-healing powers
  8. @vitormalencar Capabilities Dynamic updates over the wire Minimal overhead No

    dev env changes Can be handled by independent teams