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Slicing up the design process

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March 06, 2015

Slicing up the design process

Whether you’re working in-house or in client services, there are a number of great processes and methodologies at your disposal. In this Refresh Baltimore talk on March 4,2015, Nick discussed ways to customize a better process for UX teams and how pizza and design are more related than you think.



March 06, 2015


  1. #refreshbmore @whistle SLICING UP THE 

    dishing it out
  2. #refreshbmore @whistle HUNGRY, PIZZA?

  3. #refreshbmore @whistle WAY BACK IN 1905 First Pizzeria in the

    US Gennaro Lombardi 53 1/2 Spring Street, NYC Wood vs. coal ovens Buffalo vs. cow milk
  4. zagat.com

  5. pizzacentric.com

  6. pizzacentric.com

  7. #refreshbmore @whistle HANDMADE VS. FROZEN

  8. #refreshbmore @whistle LESSON ONE:
 KNOWN VARIABLES Temperature Humidity Altitude Gas

    or electric
  9. #refreshbmore @whistle LESSON TWO:
 BEING RESOURCEFUL Ingredients Time Willpower

  10. #refreshbmore @whistle LESSON THREE:
 NEW DISCOVERIES Chicago deep dish St.

    Louis-style pizza California-style
  11. oureverydaylove.com

  12. explorestlouis.com

  13. samandlouiespizza.com

  14. #refreshbmore @whistle MAKING THE PROCESS EASY IS NOT THE GOAL;

    making the product great is the goal. — Ed Catmull “
  15. #refreshbmore @whistle DEFINING A GAME PLAN There’s a business problem

    which needs to be solved
  16. #refreshbmore @whistle UX PROCESSES Waterfall Agile Design Thinking Lean

  17. #refreshbmore WATERFALL Web Project Management by Ashley Friedlein
 Web ReDesign

    2.0 by Kelly Goto
  18. #refreshbmore AGILE Agile Experience Design 
 by Lindsay Ratcliffe and

    Marc McNeill
  19. #refreshbmore DESIGN THINKING Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms

    Organizations and Inspires Innovation by Tim Brown
  20. #refreshbmore LEAN Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden

  21. #refreshbmore @whistle LESSON ONE:
 BEING RESOURCEFUL Budget Time Manpower

  22. #refreshbmore @whistle PRODUCT DESIGN User testing Product focus Team collaboration

    Iterative output
  23. #refreshbmore @whistle LESSON TWO:
 KNOWN VARIABLES In-house vs. Agency Outsourced

    contractors Remote vs. collocated Schedules Seniority
  24. #refreshbmore @whistle SENIORITY A rough estimate by @StrangeNative comparing junior

    designers to senior designers
  25. #refreshbmore @whistle CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE You know things that another

    person does’t and you’ve forgotten what it’s like to not have this knowledge
  26. #refreshbmore @whistle USER TESTING Getting out of the kitchen

  27. #refreshbmore @whistle FINDING USERS Building tours Starbucks Remote user testing

    Usability labs
  28. #refreshbmore @whistle FAILURE IS IMPORTANT It’s okay to suck

  29. #refreshbmore @whistle FAIL FAST Continuous releases Bridging design & development

    Team discussion Output vs. outcomes
  30. #refreshbmore @whistle OUTPUT VS. OUTCOMES There’s a huge difference

  31. #refreshbmore @whistle LESSON THREE:

  32. #refreshbmore @whistle TWITTER Went from SMS on flip phones to

    a revolutionary platform for the Arab Spring
  33. #refreshbmore @whistle NETFLIX From DVDs in the mail to streaming

 award winning exclusive content online
  34. #refreshbmore @whistle PREMADE VS. CUSTOM It’s okay to use pre-made

    pizza dough
  35. #refreshbmore @whistle PATTERN LIBRARY Re-use patterns Identify areas to refactor


  37. #refreshbmore @whistle CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT 3 simple questions to ask every

  38. #refreshbmore @whistle WHAT WENT WELL?

  39. #refreshbmore @whistle WHAT COULD’VE BEEN BETTER?

  40. #refreshbmore @whistle WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE?

  41. #refreshbmore @whistle THE MOST DANGEROUS PHRASE IN THE LANGUAGE IS,

    "We've always done it this way." — Grace Hopper “
  42. #refreshbmore @whistle THANKS, I’M @WHISTLE. You can follow me on