Accelerating Scientific Progress through Open Science

Accelerating Scientific Progress through Open Science

The San Diego Chapter of the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable invited me, along with Elizabeth Iorns of Science Exchange and Joseph Jackson, to speak to their group about Open Science.


William Gunn

July 09, 2012


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    Accelerating Scientific Progress through Open Science William Gunn Head of

    Academic Outreach @mrgunn
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    Black Box $31.2B ???? 12 years The average

    age at first R01 grant is now 42, up from 34 in 1980.
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    Step out of the heavy-weight institutional process into open models.

    Get more eyes and hands on the problem – and on the data! Get better data to agile teams on what's working faster, publish openly and more rapidly. How do we rapidly iterate on research?
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    ...and aggregates research data in the cloud Mendeley makes science

    more collaborative and transparent: Mendeley extracts research data… Collecting rich signals from domain experts.
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    200 million documents uploaded 2.0 million users Cambridge Stanford University

    MIT Imperial College London University of Oxford Harvard University University of Michigan University College London University of California at Berkeley Columbia University
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  8. 16. Tim O’Reilly O’Reilly Media James Powell CTO Thomson Reuters

    Juan Enriquez MD Excel Venture Management John Wilbanks VP Science, Creative Commons Werner Vogels CTO Mendeley/PLoS API Binary Battle $16,001 for the best app
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