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What are you doing?: How Twitter became a new communication medium

What are you doing?: How Twitter became a new communication medium

What started out as a simple status update has evolved into much more. Much, much more.

This rapid-fire talk will explore some of the ways in which Twitter, and to a lesser degree its copycats, have become a new communication medium.

Presented at the first IgniteOrlando event.


Eric Marden

March 05, 2009


  1. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? how twitter became a new communication

  2. what is it?

  3. twitter’s impact

  4. asynchronous attention

  5. unforced reciprocity

  6. ambient awareness

  7. instant crowd sourcing

  8. geo-coded notifications

  9. social news filter

  10. citizen journalism

  11. micro-blogging

  12. for the lolz

  13. real people

  14. pseudo people

  15. from the mundane

  16. to the magnificent

  17. twitter as a platform

  18. pipe your messages

  19. its not over yet

  20. thank you! txt “follow xentek” to 40404