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Life Hackery

Life Hackery

Getting things done with room for more.

My experience with GTD, Inbox Zero, and other Life Hacks.

Eric Marden

February 24, 2009

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  1. Life Hackery • Productivity Tips, Tricks and Systems that keep

    you focused on creating great stuff, what ever that may be.
  2. Things • Simple To-Do List • Filter your focus •

    Organize into Projects • Areas are Contexts
  3. Inbox Zero • A vow to not spend more time

    on any given email then it deserves.
  4. Email is Evil • Robs you of your attention •

    Derails your focus • Everything is Urgent • You’re paying mental debt, with interest, for every unprocessed email in your inbox
  5. Delete • You really don’t need it. • Act on

    it, or get rid of it. • If you really do need it, archive it. But don’t go crazy...
  6. Delegate • If someone else can service them better, let

    them. • Give yourself a reminder to follow up to make sure the email got taken care of.
  7. Reply • Don’t write a novel when a haiku will

    do. • Get good at quick replies, and process emails faster than ever.
  8. Process • Does this email require me to do something

    now? • If it takes less than an hour to process, then Just Do It. • If it will take longer, capture in your GTD system, and move on.
  9. Getting Started • Set up an Email DMZ • Quarantine

    your time • Schedule an Email Dash, once an hour. • Stay at zero by the end of each day.
  10. ... with room for more • If life has given

    you a full plate, then get a bigger plate.
  11. Special Thanks • Special Thanks to all the folks I

    ripped off for the topic of this talk, including Merlin Mann, David Allen, and Life Hacker. • This talk was driven from my experience implementing these powerful techniques.