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Why now COAR Community Framework?

Why now COAR Community Framework?

2021/4/27 Asia OA seminar series (3rd)
"Balancing good practices with inclusivity: COAR Community Framework for Good Practices in Repositories"



April 30, 2021


  1. Why now COAR Community Framework? Yasuyuki Minamiyama JPCOAR, National Institute

    of Informatics Research Center for Open Science and Data Platform ORCiD ID:0000-0002-7280-3342
  2. Asia OA seminar series (3rd): Japan 2 Today’s webinar title:

    Balancing good practices with inclusivity: COAR Community Framework for Good Practices in Repositories Thanks for Asia Core member!
  3. What is JPCOAR? 3 Training Working Group Community Empowerment Working

    Group Research Data Working Group Steering Committee Contents Working Group JPCOAR: Japan Consortium for Open Access Repository (2016.7- ) A nationwide community in Japan https://jpcoar.repo.nii.ac.jp/ 662member institutions (as of 2021.3)
  4. Background: Trustworthy Data Repositories 4 Efforts to develop trustworthy data

    repositories criteria are spreading internationally Ref: Figure 1. Evolution of Instruments for Assessing Trustworthy Data Repositories. http://doi.org/10.5334/dsj-2021-001
  5. Point at issue about repository criteria 5 01 02 03

    Most of existing evaluation criteria based on domain-specific repository practices Have different philosophies and/or concepts than institutional repositories Recent movement by publishers have been promoted to this situation Ref: Repository Features to Help Researchers: An invitation to a dialogue (formerly Data Repository Selection: Criteria That Matter) https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4084762
  6. Recent topic: Joint position statement 6 https://www.coar-repositories.org/news-updates/joint-position-statement-on-data-repository- selection-criteria-that-matter/ “COAR and

    many others have published concerns about the selection criteria to raise awareness of their potential harm in the community” Example: * It threatens to exclude many repositories and limit options for researchers
  7. For the proper evaluation of institutional repositories 7 We need

    own framework that is consistent with the philosophy / concept of institutional repositories
  8. Features of COAR community framework 8 For more information from

    OpenAIRE interview: Kathleen Shearer on COAR's newest community framework https://www.openaire.eu/kathleen-shearer-on-coar-s-newest-community-framework It was developed and vetted with a wide community of stakeholders including smaller repos Diversity A lot of other frameworks were developed specifically for a certain type of content (e.g. research data) Content agnostic It is based on other recommendations and frameworks Standardized
  9. Next step: Our approach 9 Step 1 Step 2 Step

    3 Release of Japanese translation Embodiment and implementation of the framework Analysis and improvement based on the practice Done Ongoing Planning Talked by: Koh Sugawara Talked by: Masashi Kawai