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Kotlin Testing Landscape

Kotlin Testing Landscape

Kotlin has greatly increased the ergonomics of day to day development, and the testing side of development is no exception. Kotlin's language features allow for new and innovative testing styles that can adapt to accommodate different use cases. Kotlin's terse and expressive syntax allows for incredibly readable tests, and allows for easy maintenance. This talk is a walk-through of what Kotlin's testing landscape looks like, and what tools and techniques are available to make us more effective engineers when it comes to testing

Yousuf Haque

March 29, 2018

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  1. Kotlin Testing Landscape Shiny tools for testing in kotlin @YousufHaque

  2. Kotlin Classes are final by default Mockito can’t mock final

  3. Don’t declare everything as `open`! 1. Use interfaces, instantiate anonymous

    instances in tests 2.
  4. None
  5. Mocking

  6. Stubbing

  7. Stubbing

  8. Stubbing

  9. Stubbing

  10. Stubbing

  11. Verification

  12. KotlinTest https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  13. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  14. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  15. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  16. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  17. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  18. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  19. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  20. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  21. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  22. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  23. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  24. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  25. https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest/blob/master/doc/reference.md

  26. None
  27. Spek http://spekframework.org/docs/latest/

  28. Spek http://spekframework.org/docs/latest/

  29. Spek http://spekframework.org/docs/latest/

  30. Fluent Matchers 1. Kluent 2. Hamkrest 3. Expekt 4. KotlinTest

  31. None
  32. None
  33. None
  34. None
  35. None
  36. None
  37. None
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