The practice of Jelqing is one of the oldest of all male enhancement exercises. So old in fact that it was once used by nomadic Arabian tribes. Imagine milking a cow! A bit abstract I know but this is a similar action used with Jelqing. The method itself increases blood flow to the Corpora Covernosa cells. This is the part of the Zephrofel South Africa penis that inflates like a balloon during and erection. The vital fact here is that by Jelqing consistently over a period of time will permanently increase the size of the Corpora Covernosa which in turn means a bigger, harder more impressive penis when erect.
When it comes to penis size girth is way better than length. Thickness is what adds personality to it. And besides you don't really need a long member because the vagina is insensitive beyond three inches. But when skimming Male Enhancement the outside areas thickness is necessary. Make penis larger. Typical 1-2 inches in a month. Increase in girth also. Erectile problems and premature early ejaculation problems solved. Complete penis management.



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