Say hello to offline first!

Say hello to offline first!

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Re-Imagining Web Design and Development for the Real World

We live in a disconnected & battery-powered world. Devices and user interactions have changed enormously over the years. What hasn't changed is the internet itself and the way how we concept and build applications in it.

Offline First does not only mean reverting our design processes and creating apps for offline use first. In this new world where "online" is just a feature and not default state, we have to find new approaches and patterns for our thoughts and processes in app design and development.

This talk will cover the philosophy behind and current state of offline support on the web, the starting points and the design challenges posed by developing a first-class offline experience, and it will also give you first insights in the technical parts.

How can we change the way the web is built?


Ola Gasidlo

May 19, 2014