Android on Cubieboard

Android on Cubieboard




May 27, 2013


  1. Android on Cubieboard

  2. Agenda About the Android Installing Android Demos Getting source code

    Building Android Contributing
  3. About the android(1) Download URL _tvbox_rel2.2.img Key Features 1.Android

    4.0.4(+linux kernel 3.0.xx) 2.Preinstall XBMC(A very polular media center) 3.Support 1080p internet/local high-resolution movies
  4. 4.We can enjoy Internet surfing 5.Support 100Mbps Ethernet, 2.5' Sata

    Drive, USB Keyboard/Mouse, .. 6.Transparent box make it very cool at home 7.Totally opensource About the android(2)
  5. Installing Android(1) • Download from the URL • Install Livesuit

    on your host PC(Support 32/64 bits Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8; Ubuntu 10.04(x64) and above. • You need a mini USB cable, a 5v/2a power supply cable, and a Cubieboard
  6. Installing Android(2) Start livesuit, And Select the image Press FEL

    button next to the mini USB while powering it up by plugin your power supply and release it
  7. Demos(1) First startup(Slower than normal) Basic Operations Watching Internet HD

    movies Surfing Internet Explorering XBMC Gaming DLNA(BubbleUPnP)
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  12. Getting source code 1.$curl repo/stable/repo > ~/bin/repo 2.$chmod +x

    ~/bin/repo 3.$mkdir openbox && cd openbox 4.$repo init --no-repo-verify -u git:// -b cb -m openbox.xml 5.$repo sync
  13. Building android Buiding Host Ubuntu 10.04(x64) or above.(Suggest 12.04 x64)

    You'd better to have 16GiB RAM Build Commands $source build/ $lunch 4 (note: select cubieboard option) $make -j4 $tools/
  14. Contributing 1.The source code is maintained on 2.First you

    need to register a user at 3.Fork a project you concern 4.Commit to the project you forked 5.Submmit 'pull request'