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DevRel/Asia 2020

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November 14, 2020

DevRel/Asia 2020

This is my presentation in DevRel/Asia 2020. Title is "Possibilities of online DevRel! ~The online positive changing tips as an external evangelist! ~".

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November 14, 2020


  1. [サブタイトル] [タイトル] ワンフットシーバス 田中正吾 DevRel/Asia 2020 Possibilities of online DevRel!

    ~The online positive changing tips as an external evangelist! ~ Seigo Tanaka / 1ft-seabass
  2. I will share my presentation. Please, enjoy my talk :)

  3. Seigo Tanaka Company Name:1ft-seabass I have been worked front-end Engineer

    since 2004 and made interactive contents using Adobe FLASH. Recently. I’m based on front-end technology. I’m going to be related to information and user-interface gradually. ex. IoT , Mixed Reality and AI...
  4. Seigo Tanaka Additionally, I got awards as IBM Champion and

    Microsoft MVP ( Windows Development ). These days I’m involved in DevRel to make connections with outside.
  5. I'm going to talk points like this, • "Online" spices

    up various technologies! • "Online" changes tech community meetup approaches!
  6. "Online" presentation and hands-on material have surely changing. And we

    can catch the future aspects!
  7. IoT hands-on lecture and VR presentation in offline. They were

    so effective! The physical and visual mixed demonstration was easy to understand! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
  8. IoT hands-on lecture and VR presentation in online. I can't

    use physical approachs. visual approach only. 〇〇〇 ---- 〇〇〇 ---- 〇〇〇 ---- ---- 〇〇〇
  9. In the IoT DevRel aspect I made a new online

    IoT hands-on lecture.
  10. Remote sharing sensoring data approach. IoT device obniz Text Chat

    Discord 23.6 C
  11. like this,

  12. Each attendee measuring data gather to chat tool Webhook for

    data visualization.
  13. like this, gathering temprature datas. They can know each other

  14. I could highlight the remote aspect of IoT. IoT hands-on

    tend to focus on nearby connecting in offline. 23C!
  15. In the VirtualReality DevRel aspect, I could act also realtime

    presentation using HoloLens2 VR devices in screen sharing successfully.
  16. VR device view demonstration is difficult in online. Video meeting

    view is user view sharing only. It tend to be flat impression.
  17. I made the solution (prototyping). I added physical action view

    in presentation. It improved to understand. Adobe XD User Festival 2020
  18. My room architecture :)

  19. Video architecture. Of course, a little complex. I would like

    to catch better understanding each other!
  20. Demonstration! If I have an avairable time. Today demo is

    casual :)
  21. Mixing physical action view and user view way is better

    than user view only! It's nice point that this way can show new VR experience to global!
  22. "Online" tech community meetup operation also have changing. And we

    can reach variou attempts using tools, skills and communication!
  23. In Online meetup room aspect,

  24. I need to talk in offline meetup. I handled to

    find always the place of meetup event hard passionately.
  25. Online meetup room like Zoom and Meet can make quickly!

    I got these pro account immediately. It has become easier to think about the structure of meetup.
  26. So I arranged these own account preparation for trying various

    online event types such as online meetup, casual online study room.
  27. Linking more strongly local attendees, communicating global attendees, and collaborating

    with DevRel folks. I focus on brush up points in online especially.
  28. Node-RED Con Tokyo 2020 I held the lead of this

    organizer with awesome members!
  29. Zoom + YouTube Live can make conference. Of course It

    supported from grate broadcast staff operation!
  30. Keynote

  31. Keynote & Speaker gathered from local and global! also attendees.

    It's a online benefit!
  32. We acted to navigate for global communication on SNS. We

    prepared initially in Japanese only. we added English tweet positively.
  33. All atendees, speakers, organizers and me enjoyed!

  34. It's amazing aspect! ^_^

  35. I get online difficult point. Online tool can easy to

    assign duplicated key responsibles such as main facilitator and live-broadcast staff! >_<
  36. Online presentation hack LT Of course we enjoy! I try

    3 rolls such as facilitator, live-broadcast staff and speaker. Zoom video meeting tool enable like this so amazing. Enable more simple event holding!
  37. Avoiding duplicated responsibles is another good aspect. Let's update online

    event management!
  38. I influence each other from DevRel folks such as IBM

    Champion, Microsoft MVP and so on!
  39. IBM User Group Conference Online I was involved in the

    first day of Keynote, online moderator, Zoom distribution & recording at IBM User Group Conference 2020. And I passionately built relationships with developers.
  40. DevRel folks keep on sharing online knowledge day by day.

  41. We can exceed the actual distance online. It's easy to

    discuss from several each other place and get meeting time.
  42. Conclusion

  43. Online DevRel has a lot of challenge point. And it

    can get possibilities!
  44. We don't know the exact future. maybe hybrid meetup. I

    believe spice offline up online experiences more!