The Overlap of Emotion and Usability

2d719a871ac6062f87ade207ff6802b8?s=47 Ross Johnson
August 19, 2012

The Overlap of Emotion and Usability

Logic and statistics drive many usability discussions. How many users accomplished a task? How long did it take on average? What labels caused delays? etc.

Likewise, emotion is often discussed in context of interactivity and aesthetics. Emotion and usability sound like separate topics but they closely intertwined, so much so they are impossible to separate.

I will go out on a limb and claim emotion is actually the most important aspect of usability. Because emotion is the root of all behavior, how one feels ultimately determines what they will or won’t do on a website.

In this session I will demonstrate how one can design themes and websites that are emotionally engaging and intuitively usable; creating the most compelling user experience possible.


Ross Johnson

August 19, 2012