Actionable Analytics

Actionable Analytics

These days, most website owners and managers have some form of tracking on their site. The problem isn't getting the data, it's knowing what to do with it.


Ross Johnson

May 26, 2016


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    ACTIONABLE ANALYTICS How your website is performing and how to

    improve. / @37designs ≈
  2. 5. / @37designs ≈ LIFE CYCLE OF A WEBSITE IDEA

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    OVERVIEW / @37designs Sessions Pages / Session New Sessions

    Users Avg. Session Duration Pageviews Bounce Rate New vs Returning Visitors
  4. 14.

    S TA R T W I T H WHAT’S IMPORTANT / @37designs
  5. 15.

    I ’ M TA L K I N G A

    B O U T KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS ohhhh it’s all about those KPI’s baby… / @37designs
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    GOOD KPI’S? / @37designs Hits Visitors Time on Site

    Page Views Search Rankings Return Visits Popular Pages
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    M O S T P E O P L E

    WA N T SALES, LEADS OR SIGNUPS / @37designs
  8. 33.

    W I T H G O A L S Y

    O U G E T … VALUABLE INSIGHTS / @37designs
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    WORKING BACKWARD Kind of like doing the hustle, but with

    data… so not like the hustle at all. / @37designs
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    WHAT FACTORS INFLUENCE THE KPI’S? / @37designs Traffic Quality

    Traffic Quantity User Experience Content Content Misc. Events
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    TRAFFIC QUAL & QUANT Are users coming from sources that

    indicate they are likely to be interested in your good or service? / @37designs
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    TRACKING EVENTS Click a link, download a file, watch a

    video, etc… / @37designs
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    THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND So you don’t make the

    wrong conclusions… / @37designs
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    STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT Make sure you’re viewing a large enough sample

    set. Sometimes one months worth of data isn’t enough. / @37designs
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    SET BENCHMARKS FIRST Before you make a change, identify what

    you’re going to track and when the change has been made. / @37designs