Sander Hoogendoorn

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Sander is an independent dad, a freelance consultant, CTO, new-agile coach, software architect, and programmer. His experience captures (beyond) agile, Scrum, Kanban, continuous delivery, software estimation, agile requirements, UML, software architecture, cloud architecture, microservices, design patterns, and web, Java and .NET development.

He is a highly appreciated catalyst in the innovation of software development at his many international clients; currently as chief architect at Quby, and previously as a director at 101 Ways, CTO at ANVA, as CTO and lead software architect at Klaverblad Verzekeringen, and as the global agile thought leader at Capgemini.

Before founding his company (after the title of one of his Dutch books) in 2014, Sander worked for major IT consultancies for over 20 years, including as Capgemini, Ordina, and CGI. Sander coaches organizations, teams, and individuals. He helps to improve processes, practices, architecture, code, testing and collaboration in (distributed) teams.


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