It's a small world after all. Full edition Fall 2019

It's a small world after all. Full edition Fall 2019

The world is changing fast. More precisely, the world is changing at increasing speed.

This means things that were not possible five years ago come into reach. Incumbent organizations need to adapt fast to keep up with new competitors that use new technologies easier, faster and better than they do. As a result, every aspect of software changes towards smaller. Even smaller teams or even micro-teams, less management, flatter organizations, even shorter cycles, and smaller components.

During this energizing and high-paced talk Sander discusses the Cynefin model, shows why software development goes so terribly wrong, how to move beyond Scrum and enterprise agile, why autonomy and self-organization are not as easy as it looks like, why traditional agile doesn't solve all modern-day issues, why continuous delivery leads to not doing projects or estimates anymore and why microservices are hard but essential as underlying foundation.


Sander Hoogendoorn

October 31, 2019