Effortless real time apps in Django

Effortless real time apps in Django

Video: https://vimeo.com/133552247

Talk description from the Pusher blog - https://blog.pusher.com/djangocon-eu-2015


Aaron Bassett gave a talk on building realtime applications with Django using a Django package called Swamp Dragon, which consists of Redis, Tornado and Django. Aaron included a step-by-step example of building a simple TODO app. He also showed how you can integrate Pusher to simplify the architecture.

Firstly using Swamp Dragon, Redis and Tornado to power your real-time Django app. Then removing Redis and Tornado completely, using Swamp Dragon purely for object serialization, and utilitizing Pusher’s real-time infrastructure to maintain all the WebSocket connections and deliver all the messages. Of course, you could remove Swamp Dragon all together if you wanted to, but Aaron was covering a migration process and liked the way it handled serialization.


Aaron Bassett

June 02, 2015