Things That Suck About Android Development

Things That Suck About Android Development

Developing for Android can be an emotional rollercoaster. We alternate from pure childlike joy when new tools & APIs are announced to feelings of impending doom when we have to do anything involving camera support or ContentProviders. Talk to anyone who has been working with Android for long and the conversation inevitably turns to “war stories”, recounting hard battles fought and won (or at least survived) while building apps for our favorite mobile platform.

Are you new to Android development? If so, this session will show you where the dragons are so you can avoid many of the common pitfalls. If you’re a veteran, you’ll certainly recognize some of these frustrations while hopefully learning about some others you’ve been fortunate enough to elude.

From the Java language and development tools to frameworks/APIs and the Play Store, nothing is sacred.


Andy Dyer

March 18, 2016