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Hack Your Motivation

Sylvain Abélard
March 12, 2013

Hack Your Motivation

You've seen how to hack your health, then hack your brain.
But it's tiring to work on oneself relentlessly.
How do you keep the motivation?
Now hack the hacks!

Sylvain Abélard

March 12, 2013


  1. @abelar_s - maitre-du-monde.fr hAcK yOuR MOtiVAtiOn « Hack Your Brain

    » This is the second part of « Hack Your Brain » series: managing your time, habits and motivation using your brain’s elasticity. @HumanTalks 12/03/2013 Trivia: https://speakerdeck.com/abelar_s/hack-your-brain-trivia
  2. Who am I? ‣ EPITA, Faveod, ParisRB ‣ Ruby since

    2006, Rails since 2007 ‣ Asking questions since 1984 This talk follows... ‣ Health tips from geek to geek ‣ Hack Your Brain - for introduction ‣ H.Y.B. Trivia - for my science heroes
  3. Hack Your Brain Nikola Tesla Previously on HYB... ‣ Intelligence

    ‣ just know you can ‣ Expertise ‣ deliberate practice ‣ Memory ‣ create links and emotions ‣ Toolbox ‣ make it simpler, question it ... now hack the hacks!
  4. Starting blocks Cicero Why & How? would you want more

    motivation? ‣ Unsatisfaction ‣ why change if you’re happy? ‣ Laziness ‣ makes you try to optimize
  5. Willpower Jean-François Champollion Willpower is a muscle ‣ strengthen it

    ‣ find your limit ‣ then push it forward! ‣ let it rest ‣ recover
  6. Rewards Blaise Pascal Bribe yourself! ‣ reward work ‣ with

    actionable results ‣ smart rewards ‣ don’t defeat the purpose ‣ beware of rebound effect
  7. Triggers Train yourself ‣ strengths & weaknesses ‣ seeing X

    remind you that... ‣ might be a tempting trap ‣ or a hint of shame ‣ build your triggers ‣ hey, it’s 10AM! Have I stretched? ‣ out of work! Do I need to buy...? ‣ on my way, is my TODO OK? Benoît Mandelbrot
  8. Habits Ada Byron-Lovelace Bypass willpower ‣ routine ‣ a trigger

    can grow into a habit ‣ then uses much less willpower ‣ in just 66 days? ‣ it’s worth trying right?
  9. Social René Descartes Shame, Pride & Herd ‣ be the

    worst ‣ become the average ‣ ... of your 5 closest people ‣ same with money (people feel content if they’re in the top 20% of people they know) ‣ find role models ‣ or just people you admire
  10. Health Ambroise Paré Bad health = Bad decisions ‣ good

    sleep ‣ healthy food ‣ manage stress ‣ do some exercise
  11. Hacks ‣ Temptations ‣ Oscar Wilde’s quote ‣ Obvious failures

    ‣ Tracking ‣ Avoid obviously bad stuff ‣ Forces you to think ‣ Seinfeld method ‣ Reinforcement ‣ Engagement ‣ Social ‣ pride over shame Nº1 Sadi Carnot * * this is Nicolas Léonard SADI CARNOT, there’s a cheat sheet at the end
  12. Wrapping up ‣ Cognitive ‣ Get in good shape ‣

    Learn patterns => deliberate practice ‣ Sayings ‣ Practice makes perfect ‣ Fake it till you make it => don’t panic, you can too ‣ Self perception ‣ Dunning-Kruger Effect ‣ Impostor syndrome => track SMART goals, play! Louis Pasteur Dark Side version
  13. Credits Jason Shen: Willpower talk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aapb6lZG-zE Aral Balkan: A Happy

    Grain Of Sand keynote http://vimeo.com/43524962 Gotlib: La Rubrique à Brac : Isaac Newtons GMathieu: Normalien / Centralien / Alien ... Eratosthenes
  14. th e CaRnOt Ch eat Sh eet Nicolas Léonard Sadi

    Carnot, physique, thermodynamique Lazare Hippolyte, maths, ingénieur, ministre Marie-François Sadi Carnot, président de la République Marie-Adolphe, chimiste, géologue, conseil général de Charente Lazare Nicolas Marguerite dit le Grand Carnot maths, physique, général Joseph François Claude, jurisconsulte Claude-Marie dit Carnot-Feulins, capitaine, député, ministre de l’intérieur