CUWiP 2019: Mental health

D57a02ba9a9ecb65d11370e3abf4dddc?s=47 Abbie Stevens
January 19, 2019

CUWiP 2019: Mental health

Workshop led by Dr. Marsha Carolan and Dr. Abbie Stevens at the APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics 2019 hosted at Michigan State University.

"Improving mental health and wellbeing practices"
Mental health can take many forms and people who work in high-stress environments are prone to experience mental health issues. Even worse, studies show that gender minorities experience mental health problems at higher rates. This workshop provides an opportunity to discuss mental wellbeing as it pertains to physicists and future researchers. It will be led by a trained therapist and an astronomy postdoc who advocates for the mental wellbeing of early career researchers.


Abbie Stevens

January 19, 2019