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Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center in New Jersey

Absolute Awakenings Treatment Center in New Jersey

Absolute Awakenings is ready to help you overcome the challenge of addiction. Whether you need help with Xanax addiction, meth addiction or you are looking for alcohol treatment programs, we are the drug rehab in NJ you’ve been looking for. Read on to learn about what makes Absolute Awakenings unique among rehabs in NJ. Explore our website for more details.


Absolute Awakenings in NJ

November 12, 2021


  1. Website: | Phone: (866) 768-0528

  2. Website: | Phone: (866) 768-0528 We are Absolute Awakenings.

    It is our mission to lead people struggling with a substance abuse disorder to a satisfying long-term recovery. Untreated, an SUD can become a chronic and fatal disease. There’s no other drug and alcohol rehab in NJ that can even approach what we do every single day. We understand that there is no single way to achieve recovery. It is our promise and our obligation to deliver a unique and highly individualized therapeutic experience to every client we treat. Visit our website for details : All You Need to Know About the Most Trusted Drug and Alcohol Rehab in NJ
  3. Website: | Phone: (866) 768-0528 We offer multiple levels

    of addiction care to make sure our clients are able to recover regardless of the progression of their addiction and substance abuse. Our team of addiction specialists can help you find a local detox facility. Without medical supervision, a “cold- turkey” detox can have extreme consequences, some even fatal. Explore our website for more details: rams/ Our Treatment Programs
  4. Website: | Phone: (866) 768-0528 A partial hospitalization program

    is a hospital-based form of outpatient drug rehabilitation. These programs provide many of the same benefits as residential treatment. Although members of PHPs don’t reside at the facility, they still receive a high level of care. Individuals will travel to the facility for addiction treatment, as well as dual diagnosis treatment support if necessary………. Partial Hospitalization Programs for Treating Addiction
  5. Website: | Phone: (866) 768-0528 An intensive outpatient program

    (IOP) provides recovering individuals with a less intensive option in addiction treatment. These programs have fewer time requirements while still providing the patient with high-quality resources. Rather than residing at the facility, the individual will live at home while traveling to the center for scheduled treatment sessions………. Absolute’s Intensive Outpatient Program For Treating Addiction
  6. Website: | Phone: (866) 768-0528 An outpatient treatment program

    is the most flexible treatment option for those that require addiction recovery. Drug and alcohol treatment resources are available to the recovering individual without the need to reside at the facility. Scheduled sessions take place at various agreed-upon times weekly. This is ideal for patients who have a stable at-home environment or those looking for a step-down form of treatment…………. Outpatient Treatment Programs for Addiction Recovery
  7. Website: | Phone: (866) 768-0528 Most individuals diagnosed with

    a substance use disorder are usually also suffering from co- occurring mental health or behavioural disorder. These conditions will often occur together and are known as dual diagnosis. About half of the individuals with a mental health disorder will also suffer from substance use disorder and vice versa. The interactions between both conditions can only worsen each…. What is a Co-Occurring Disorder?
  8. Website: | Phone: (866) 768-0528 We offer gender specific

    and co-ed trauma treatment groups utilizing evidence-based programs, including Seeking Safety and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to address co-occurring substance use and trauma…….. Trauma-Informed Care Program
  9. Website: | Phone: (866) 768-0528 At Absolute Awakenings Treatment

    Center, our team is laser-focused on the importance of building recovery capital. We have designed a program which allows our clients access to education, vocational training, resume building, job interview training, a recovery community, public transportation, while partnering with several different sober living & structured housing options all within walking distance to these vital components……… What is Recovery Capital?
  10. Our Details: Website Name: Phone Number: (866) 768-0528 Address:

    3000 RT 10 W, Morris Plains, NJ 07950 Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Website: | Phone: (866) 768-0528