Continuous Security - Paris.rb

B6e65829cc035d58fe399073e4244c6a?s=47 Adam Surak
October 04, 2016

Continuous Security - Paris.rb

Talk about how we use public bug bounty program to continuously test our security and our experience with HackerOne for more than a year.


Adam Surak

October 04, 2016


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    Build Unique Search Experiences Adam Surak SRE & Security Engineer @AdamSurak Continuous Security
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    @AdamSurak Responsive disclosure “Give me money!” “Give me money

    or I will not tell you what I’ve found!” How do you send money to India, Pakistan, … ?
  3. 6.

    @AdamSurak Public Bug Bounty Program HackerOne, Bugcrowd, … All the

    reports in one place Protects both reporter and site owner Clean accounting Possible swag-only
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    @AdamSurak All-time vs last 6 months All-time Last 6 months

    Response time 2 days 1 day Resolution time 21 days 11 days Bounties $10,125 $4,000
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    @AdamSurak Learnings PenTesters think differently Beginning is hard Have patience

    with communication You can’t do it best effort There will be noise No matter what, they will use automatic scanners
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    W e are hiring in Paris and SF QUESTIONS? Build

    Unique Search Experiences @AdamSurak