The Browser Hacker's Guide To Instant Loading

The Browser Hacker's Guide To Instant Loading

The web has lacked a predictable story for loading content efficiently in a way that gets you interactive in just a few seconds. Developers have a number of primitives to get there: preload, preconnect, prefetch, HTTP/2 server push, module loading, service workers. . .the list goes on. Yet the interaction between these different pieces of the web is still not well understood or explained.

So how do you preload content that is still going to be there when a user closes the tab and comes back to visit another time? How do you avoid keeping the main thread pegged with too much JavaScript? How much is too much to ship down the wire? Venture deep into the belly of the browser to uncover the secret to instantly loading anything—backed by data.

Addy Osmani shares data-driven techniques and performance patterns for efficiently loading content instantly and explains how to ship JavaScript bundles on mobile that don’t break the bank.

Presented twice at Fluent/Velocity 2017


Addy Osmani

June 24, 2017