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Approach to learn and time management for bug bounties

B46a00cafe34a9437d3a5bc6afc5bee3?s=47 Aditya Shende
September 26, 2020

Approach to learn and time management for bug bounties


Aditya Shende

September 26, 2020


  1. Approach to learn and time management for bug bounties

  2. Indian Bug Bounty Hunter- Bugcrowd top 100- Aditya Shende- Who

    I am ?
  3. What you want ? your need ? -Bugs in paid

    programs -No duplicates xD -What to choose ? -Dollars in pocket ! -Life Style change
  4. Yes you can -Don't be greedy -Go with VDP's -High

    think , High bugs -No low fruits
  5. Need P1 ? Google is god -Search for RCE -How

    to search ? -Medium is lob -1000 Subs | 100% RCE in 3
  6. Why money ? -Money can buy happiness -Work for it,

    Don't compare -How I handle bounty happiness ?
  7. How to avoid duplicates ? -Gain experience -How platform works

    ? -Writing like god -Unique bugs
  8. Study and time management -Daily 2 hours reading -Make notes

    on paper -Close door and use fresh mind -Complete your needs -Finally Implementation
  9. Art of search -Type your question on google -Bug name

    "medium.com" -Don't do same Learn techniques
  10. Avoid screenshots !!!!! -Block it, Delete it, Leave it -You

    are hero -It will take time but you'll get that -Don't compare everytime
  11. -Follow #tags of BB -Top hackers method -Can't get it,

    Still learn it -Don't stop Twitter is gold
  12. HEALTH HEALTH -Don't hunt constant -Take a break, Get shower

    and strong coffee -Sleep for 9 hours purely
  13. THANK THANK YOU YOU Wanna follow me ??? Google it

    Hint: KongSec
  14. Contact us For inquiries and concerns Mailing Address 123 Anywhere

    St., Any City, State, Country 12345 Email Address hello@reallygreatsite.com Phone Number (123) 456 7890