Intro to Docker - LauzHack Days

Intro to Docker - LauzHack Days

This workshop is a basic introduction to Docker. It aims to give an overview of how powerfull Docker is and how it has revolutionized the cloud industry.


Adrián García Espinosa

December 06, 2018


  1. Intro to Docker Adrián García Espinosa LauzHack Days


  3. Who am I... Adrián García Espinosa GitHub @adrian_gespi

  4. We are going to talk about…. but let’s dive in

    a little story
  5. • How do I make it available to the world?

    • How much is going to cost me? • How many people is going to handle my application? I have a revolutionary idea
  6. The cloud • Cost • Security • Global Scale •

    Availability “Pay for what you use” “99.9 availability” “Elastic infrastructure”
  7. Now… how do I start building my app • What

    programing language should I use? • Where am i going to store my data? • What server technologies should I use? • How is going to be my app distributed?
  8. None
  9. Docker introduces . . . Containers

  10. “A standardized unit of software”

  11. Ok… but what is the difference with VMs?

  12. Docker components

  13. Images and Containers

  14. docker-compose

  15. Let’s get into it

  16. Task 1 - Simple Node.JS app :3000

  17. Tast 2 - Dockerizing out app :XXXX

  18. Task 3 - Using docker-compose :8080

  19. Further steps