Customer’s Strategies Ecosystem

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August 08, 2018

Customer’s Strategies Ecosystem

1. Customer’s Strategies Onboarding New Customers & Retaining Old Ones CORFO August 3rd 11.30 am Moneda 921, 2do By Adrian Campanelli
2. Some Strategies for onboarding new customers and retaining old ones, Tips to learn form your customers
3. Strategies: Strategy (from Greek stratēgia, "art of a leader”) Is a high- level plan to achieve goals under conditions of uncertainty.
4. Customer (Client): Client, from Latin clientem or clinare meaning "to incline” and is related to the emotive idea of closure Customer: Clients who habitually return to a seller develop customs that allow for regular, sustained commerce.
5. Tips: Information of interest.. in a brief, concise and concerted sentences, that everyone understands. WIKYME all by my self at the end of the presentation...
6. Let`s see some Some stories
7. You can focus in the virtue of a product, rather on the rational need This suicide pills, comes in different flavors. This is blueberries.. try it!
8. GRATE OPPENING GRATE OPPENING Is all about on doing what is expected, with sense, and doing wright
9. Is not only the correct action ...but in the right context and moment
10. The World has changed
11. ??Interactive Massive comunication become dual way TV Prensa Sponsor Via Publica BTL Ex pos NT Pop WM mob Radio ...Internet changes traditional media forever
12. Comunication System Model Consumer Experience field Business Experience field Model of Shared experiences (Schramm y Roberts) Medios Mensaje Noice Feed-back Emisor Codif. Decod . Responce Receptor
13. Media/WEB/WAP Interactive Communication Model Media/WEB/WAP Emisor Codif. Receptor Receptor Receptor Receptor Noise Feedback M Feedback I Decod Y Mensaje Mensaje Mensaje Future Self Regulated Ecosystem Codif. Receptor Decod X
14. Communications have shifted The world is Quantic A – Agencies E – Business / Corps T – Media TV- R – Radio P – Press V –Add Publica, POP, Other 1.0 - Internet Tradicional
15. What happen with the Consumer? ...consumer rules more than ever
16. El Cliente Cambió La tecnología le ha dado el Poder al Usuario Now consumer has voice, and the power to compare, discover, comment. Consumers Powered
17. Experience get more relevance Is a requirment : • Organization Cultural Shift, in marketing, sells, serivces and other areas, on the prosumer. • Let`s think like the Customer • Have all the org. the same view The company objetives should be aligned to understand its customer
19. Sucess predicted throug CX CES (Customer Effort Score) Measures how much effor a customer is willing to do, in orther to get something from you CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Measure the Customer satisfaction with the service given (“…Customer is always right”) NPS (Net Promoter Score) Measure the Customer’s Loyalties base in his will to recommend you. THE BUY PREDICTIVITY (predictive power for purshasing) PRDICTIVE POWER FOR INCREMENT USER SPENDING (predictive power for increase spending) harvard business review HIGH HIGHLOW CES CES NPS CSAT CSAT NPS Best efectivness in the CES is overpass the NPS and CSAT
20. interactive media is the place for brands
21. The game has change the rules
22. Brands is adapting to the new era
23. Evolution of the Massive Approach Is related the way segmentation (1880s–1920s) Unification or Mass Marketing: As transportation systems improved, the economy became unified. Standardized, branded goods were distributed at a national level. The Model T Ford (1920s–1980s): Segmentation: As Market size increased, manufacturers were able to produce different models pitched at different quality points to meet the needs. Demographic, socio-economic and lifestyle factors. (1980s - today): Hyper-segmentation: A shift towards the definition of ever more narrow market segments. Technological advancements, especially in the area of digital communications, allow marketers to communicate very small groups. *********** (Future): Real One 2 One: The personalized experience, Micro FABs, 3D Printing, Time to Market Solutions.
24. Complex Multi-Level Business Models The need to Maintain Brand Consistency and Value through stakeholders Instemreidate WholesalerMarketer AgencyBroker / Dealer Marketer Recruiter Principal Owner Primary Independent Agents Captive Agents BusinessesConsumers Prospects & “Insured” Financial Advisors Prospect FAs Prospect Broker / Dealer Tertiary Secondary
25. Sells keeps some basic rules
26. • • • Lo Lo Lo que que que NO NO NO se se se Mide NO se puede Controlar Controla no se puede Gestionar. Gestiona no se puede Mejorar The most important, is to make it measurable
27. The most important voice, is inside You: Develop Your intuition; Knowledge is also driven by emotions
28. Segmentation Targeting Positioning THE S-T-P Approach • Select base for segmentation • Profile segments by Characteristics • Evaluate segments attractiveness • Select one or more segments as targets • Develop position for each segment • Develop marketing programs for each segment
29. Evaluation Technics Oportunity Benchmark Our Offer Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C 1. Is there a real Oportunity? Results Results Results Results 1.1 Does the prospect has a Proyect? Defined + No Defined - 1.2 How is his business profile? Strong + Week - 1.3 How is his finantial condition? Strong + Week - 1.4 Does it have a Budget? Yes + No - 1.5 Does it has a compelling event? Defined + No Defined - 2. Can we compete? Results Results Results Results 2.1 Do they have a decision criteria? Defined + No Defined - 2.2 Does our service solve their need? Good + Poor - 2.3 Does it need pre-sell and sell nurture? Low + High - 2.4 How is our current relationship? Strong + Week - 2.5 How strong is the value we add? Strong + Week - 3. Can we win? Parámetros Results Results Results Results 3.1 How is our support within the customer? Fuerte + Week - 3.2 How is our credibility in the Account? Fuerte + Week - 3.3 Do we fit their Culture? Bueno + Poor - 3.4 Do they have a casual way to take decisions? Defined + No Defined - 3.5 Does they thing and target market as we do? Fuerte + Week - 4. It's worth winning? Parámetros Results Results Results Results 4.1 Are the sell in short term? High + Low - 4.2 Are future sells comming? High + Low - 4.3 Are Gross Profit over our average? High + Low - 4.4 Wich is our risk index? Low + High - 4.5 Does it has an Strategic value? Yes + No - Final Score Our Decision GO NO GO Triggers
30. The world is turning digital
31. Evaluate your Digital Ecosystem
32. Undestand the Digital Business Path
33. How is you Digital Ecosystem Digital Countries Maturity Model
34. Hoy mature is your market How Countries Scored on the Digtial Evolution Index (2017)
35. Digital Sells is Powerful
36. 2005 2013 Everybody is conected and ready for action
37. This culture work for us
38. They are in the stratosphere “You want to know who you really are? Then forget about the mountains and museums. Have you had your DNA sequenced? No?! What are you waiting for? Go and do it today. And convince your grandparents, parents, and siblings to have their DNA sequenced too — their data is very valuable for you. And have you heard about these wearable biometric devices that measure your blood pressure and heart rate twenty-four hours a day? Good — so buy one of those, put it on and connect it to your smartphone. And while you are shopping, buy a mobile camera and microphone, record everything you do, and put it online. And allow Google and Facebook to read all your emails, monitor all your Likes and clicks. If you do all that, then the great algorithms of the Internet-of-All-Things will tell you whom to marry, which career to pursue, and whether to start a war.” 
39. Tools relevant for your customers In what channels could your customers contact you ? A. Inbound phone B. Web C. Email D. Snail mail E. SMS F. Chat G. Mobile smart phone app H. Web co-browse I. Twitter J. Facebook
40. Expected Customer interaction 2012 2020 20% 7% 65% 8% Self Service Web Social Phone / IVR Chat Fuente: Gartner, 2014 +50% +300% +150% -64% Digitales Chanels are becoming prefered options 30% 28% 22% 20% Auto Atención Web Social Phone/IVR Chat 20% 7% 65% 8% 3 Years Self Service Web Social Phone/IVRChat
41. Sales role turn into Marketing roles Awareness Interés Consideración Intencion Evaluacion Buy First time contact in some digital channels
42. HQP The new paradigm based in the customer behavioeral and personal segmentation IA, Automation, Machine learning, maximize the customer journey and sell process More CX deliver with less human interaction The funnel from Marketing to Sales Marketing side Commerce Side
43. Is the KPI in percentage at which every sell process, forecast marketing and sells team perform in every desired action such as visiting the store, filling in a contact form, visiting and choosing a product in web site, or complete an purchase order form any Channel. Conversion Rate Optimization, looks at ways to improve this KPIs Is relative to industry, channel and Sell strategy. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 50% 40% 10% 5% Conversion Rate
44. Conversion Rate Optimization Descriptive Analysis Whats going on? Prescriptive Analysis How to make it happen? Diagostics Why is this happening? Predictive Analysis What does it work? TIME VISITIS
45. Orchestration Test & optimization Cross Channel ReportingSegmentation/ personalization Better Engagement Email SMS Social Push Mobile Display Consitency best performance Grow haking ROI Conversion Rate Actions
46. TIME VISITIS Conversion Rate Optimization Tooling ATTRACT - Content - Internet - Keywords - PPC - Social - Blog CONVERT - Call to action - Target content - Forms - Omni channel - MKt Automation - Offering CLOSE - Personalization - Lead Nurturing - PPC - CRM - P2P - Workflow DELIGHT - Social Media - CX Orchestation - IA profiling - Workflow - Profiling Work STRANGERS VISITS LEADS CUSTOMERS PROMOTERS
47. Conversion Rate Optimization Metrics TIME VISITIS
48. The AI ecosystem for Marketing REACH ACT CONVERT ENGAGE TIME CUSTOMERINTERACTIONS VALUE Machine learning Propensity Model AI Application 1 2 3 4 5 7 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 - + demand generation and purchase Intent 1st Purchase Indecisive Customer Lapsed Customer Loyal Customer Repeat Customer 1. Smart Content Curation 2. Programmatic Media Bidding 3. AI generated Content 4. Voice Search 5. Propensity modelling 6. Ad Targeting 7. Predictive Analytics 8. Lead scoring 9. Dynamic pricing 10. Re-Targeting 11. Web & App Personalization 12. Chat bots 13. Predictive customer Services 14. Marketing Automation 15. 1to1 Dynamic Omni- Channel Communication
49. Customers must see One Conversation •Customers want service that is… • Convenient • Context-based • Personal •…regardless of channel, throughout their entire conversation.
50. Unique Conversation is Omni-Channel Web Contact Center Mobile In Person Social Navigation Talk Chat Questions Verification Expertise Talk-Doubt Opinion Tweet
51. “Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers” 75,000 customers surveyed • Loyalty driven by reducing customer effort • Loyalty negligibly affected by exceeding expectations during service • Customer Effort Score (CES) has highest predictive power for Loyalty
52. MediumLow Reach Relevance High Everyone Segments Individual Generalization Segmentation Personalization Funnel optimization is personalization
53. Marketing & Sells Tips...



August 08, 2018