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Feedback Matters

Elle Meredith
February 11, 2016

Feedback Matters

Talk given at Ruby Conf AU 2016

Elle Meredith

February 11, 2016


  1. Feedback E L L E M E R E D

    I T H ɾ @ A E M E R E D I T H
  2. – W H AT D I D Y O U

    S AY ? T H E A R T O F G I V I N G A N D R E C E I V I N G F E E D B A C K , P. 5 “The concept of ‘feedback’ comes from cybernetics, the theory of control [which] emphasizes the concept of a closed loop in a system…”
  3. • Why? • What makes feedback effective? • Overcoming your

    fears • Right situations and wrong ones • How to run a formal feedback session • Receiving feedback • Difficult situations • Retrospectives and pull requests
  4. S H O W AT T E N T I

    V E N E S S
  5. S I G N A L A P P R

    E C I AT I O N
  6. R E D I R E C T U N

    D E S I R A B L E B E H AV I O U R
  7. C O N T R I B U T E

    T O O T H E R S ' L E A R N I N G A N D D E V E L O P M E N T
  8. M O T I VAT E A N D I

    N S P I R E
  9. S T R E N G T H E N

    R A P P O R T
  10. F O S T E R O P E N

    C O M M U N I C AT I O N A N D E N H A N C E T E A M W O R K
  11. I M P R O V E T E A

    M P E R F O R M A N C E
  12. F R E Q U E N T A N

    D I N C O N T E X T
  13. R E A L I S T I C I

    N E X P E C TAT I O N S
  14. T W O - WAY C O N V E

    R S AT I O N
  15. E X P R E S S E D A

    S A P O I N T O F V I E W
  16. R E C I P I E N T M

    I G H T D I S L I K E Y O U
  17. N O T H A N D L E T

    H E F E E D B A C K
  18. R E C A L L PA S T I

    N C I D E N T S
  19. F E E D B A C K N O

    T U S E F U L
  20. L I K E L I H O O D

    O F I M P R O V I N G A P E R S O N ' S S K I L L S
  21. W H E N F E E D B A

    C K I S E X P E C T E D
  22. P E R S O N A L P R

    E F E R E N C E
  23. N O S O L U T I O N

    J U S T Y E T
  24. How

  25. 1. One line overview 2. Objective report 3. Review facts,

    listen to their version, make clear desired behaviour 4. Consider potential objections 5. Consider possible barriers 6. Questions for recipient and for you 7. Desired short-term result(s) 8. Desired long-term result(s) Planning
  26. 1. An opportunity to improve your relationships 2. Listen carefully

    to POV and consider its intention 3. Ask questions 4. Let your defences down 5. Resist the urge to justify your behaviour or actions 6. Identify what you can learn from it 7. Come up with an action plan 8. Recognise that even when valid has no place in the current conversation 9. Later on you can verify the feedback 10. But always thank the other person Receiving Feedback
  27. • Praise effort, not ability. • Offer some positive feedback

    • Empower everyone, not just leaders and managers • Encourage the team to help each other to solve problems • Not dwelling on what’s wrong • Set clear expectations • Encourage questions • Make it ok to say no Building respective culture guidelines
  28. E L L E M E R E D I

    T H ɾ @ A E M E R E D I T H
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