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Feedback matters

492d339a2ec66fa8d80e937abddb58e6?s=47 Elle Meredith
September 23, 2017

Feedback matters

Given at AlterConf Melbourne on September 23, 2017


Elle Meredith

September 23, 2017

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  1. Feedback E L L E M E R E D

    I T H @ A E M E R E D I T H B L A C K M I L L
  2. – W H AT D I D Y O U

    S AY ? T H E A R T O F G I V I N G A N D R E C E I V I N G F E E D B A C K , P. 5 “The concept of ‘feedback’ comes from cybernetics, the theory of control [which] emphasizes the concept of a closed loop in a system…”
  3. Information about past behaviour, delivered in the present, which may

    influence future behaviour
  4. Feedback, Coaching, and Performance Reviews Feedback, Coaching, and Performance Reviews

  5. WHY?

  6. S H O W AT T E N T I

    V E N E S S
  7. S I G N A L A P P R

    E C I AT I O N
  8. R E D I R E C T U N

    D E S I R A B L E B E H AV I O U R
  9. B E P R O D U C T I

    V E
  10. C O N T R I B U T E

    T O O T H E R S ' L E A R N I N G A N D D E V E L O P M E N T
  11. M O T I VAT E A N D I

    N S P I R E
  12. S T R E N G T H E N

    R A P P O R T
  13. F O S T E R O P E N

    C O M M U N I C AT I O N A N D E N H A N C E T E A M W O R K
  14. I M P R O V E T E A

    M P E R F O R M A N C E
  15. What makes feedback effective?

  16. F R E Q U E N T A N

    D I N C O N T E X T
  17. H A S A N O B J E C

    T I V E
  18. R E A L I S T I C I

    N E X P E C TAT I O N S
  19. S H O W S R E S P E

    C T
  20. T W O - WAY C O N V E

    R S AT I O N
  21. E X P R E S S E D A

    S A P O I N T O F V I E W
  22. A N O P P O R T U N

    I T Y
  23. Clear, specific, timed right, non-judgmental, and speaks only to behaviour

  24. Overcome Fears

  25. R E C I P I E N T M

    I G H T D I S L I K E Y O U
  26. N O T H A N D L E T

    H E F E E D B A C K
  27. R E C A L L PA S T I

    N C I D E N T S
  28. F E E D B A C K N O

    T U S E F U L
  29. A W K WA R D

  30. Feedback is a lot easier to give if you don’t

    have to be perfect
  31. In Reality

  32. Right Situations

  33. G O O D W O R K

  34. L I K E L I H O O D

    O F I M P R O V I N G A P E R S O N ' S S K I L L S
  35. W H E N F E E D B A

    C K I S E X P E C T E D
  36. C A N N O T B E I G

    N O R E D
  37. Wrong Time

  38. N O T E N O U G H I

    N F O
  39. C A N N O T C O N T

    R O L
  40. E M O T I O N A L

  41. N O T I M E O R PAT I

    E N C E
  42. P E R S O N A L P R

    E F E R E N C E
  43. When positive feedback is given frequently, the negative feedback seems

    less threatening and more credible.
  44. Four distinct skills • Solicit feedback • Give feedback •

    Receive feedback • Integrate feedback
  45. Solicit feedback

  46. How?

  47. Actionable Specific Kind

  48. S P E C I F I C

  49. Actionable Specific Kind

  50. B E H O N E S T

  51. B E M I N D F U L

  52. P E R S O N A L I T

    I E S
  53. Best Time

  54. Receive feedback

  55. Three triggers to feedback

  56. Impact vs Intent

  57. None
  58. None
  59. 1. An opportunity to improve your relationships 2. Listen carefully

    to POV and consider its intention 3. Ask questions 4. Let your defences down 5. Resist the urge to justify your behaviour or actions 6. Identify what you can learn from it 7. Come up with an action plan 8. Later on you can verify the feedback 9. But always thank the other person Receiving Feedback
  60. Active listening

  61. What not to do?

  62. If people don’t want your feedback, you’ll never succeed in

    reaching them, no matter how smart or wonderful you may be.
  63. Give advice on what they should do

  64. Sandwich approach

  65. Integrating feedback

  66. Retrospective Sessions

  67. Pull Requests https://github.com/thoughtbot/guides/tree/master/code-review

  68. Respectful Space

  69. • Praise effort, not ability. • Offer some positive feedback

    • Empower everyone, not just leaders and managers • Encourage the team to help each other to solve problems • Not dwelling on what’s wrong • Set clear expectations • Encourage questions • Make it ok to say no Building respective culture guidelines
  70. Clear, specific, timed right, non-judgmental, and speaks only to behaviour

  71. E L L E M E R E D I

    T H 独 @ A E M E R E D I T H
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