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How I Learn

492d339a2ec66fa8d80e937abddb58e6?s=47 Elle Meredith
December 13, 2015

How I Learn

This will be a pretty long list of tips, techniques and strategies for what I found works for me when I study, including a couple of points from books I read recently, and things I would like to do. In it, hopefully, you will find one or two useful things for you.


Elle Meredith

December 13, 2015

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  1. How I learn

  2. Prerequisite concepts

  3. Notion of continuous self improvement Carol Dweck | John Medina

  4. Know your style of learning

  5. Perception of progress

  6. Self-determination & motivation

  7. Be willing to be stupid Literature

  8. Hard vs soft skills or ABCs vs Three R's

  9. Find a mentor Literature

  10. When you start

  11. Define some goals

  12. Set deadlines

  13. Create challenges

  14. Strategies to improving skills

  15. Small steps

  16. Find the sweet spot Literature

  17. Mistakes & Successes Literature

  18. When you get stuck, shift Literature

  19. Do things now

  20. Self study

  21. A few minutes every day

  22. First thing in the morning

  23. Create a routine

  24. Books

  25. Refactoring a week

  26. Online courses

  27. Videocasts

  28. Podcasts

  29. Weekly email newsletters

  30. Last thing at night

  31. Other styles of learning

  32. Community events

  33. Investment Friday's

  34. Study groups

  35. Pairing

  36. Mentoring & teaching

  37. Workshops

  38. Getting feedback

  39. Writing blog posts

  40. Book club John Barton | Rob Jacoby

  41. Tools

  42. Dash

  43. Notes in Markdown

  44. Pomodoro

  45. Detailed commit messages github.com/danyadsmith/demo

  46. Todoist

  47. Twitter or Revisit.io (new Delicious)

  48. Couple more things

  49. Good night sleep

  50. Taking notes

  51. When things don't go to plan

  52. This is a marathon, not a sprint