UX Scotland 2018 - UX Methods for helping your customers help themselves

Ca2e42e201733bc49a9996b0d2619908?s=47 Jay Brewer
June 13, 2018

UX Scotland 2018 - UX Methods for helping your customers helpĀ themselves

Customers need to Customers need to solve their problems with your services, software and other products 24 hours a day in the global economy. In this session you'll learn how various UX research methods, practices and material building enable your customers to find answers to their questions, unblock themselves and create knowledge your UX team can use to build better products and services.

We'll go in-depth with customer learning tools, documentation in product and out of product, NPS feedback loops, and knowledge funnel of questions, to answers, to knowledge bases, to learning for product improvements. We'll answer how you gather this data, how you figure out what self serve means, and the various UX paradigms that can be used to address learning plateaus for your customers to become rockstars. It's like UX for customer support and success.


Jay Brewer

June 13, 2018