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Converging Data with Design within Agile and Continuous Delivery Environments

Jay Brewer
September 18, 2017

Converging Data with Design within Agile and Continuous Delivery Environments

Traditional user research methods, while vital to understanding software application users, can be slow to implement and learn from. Even after results are analyzed, behavioral intention, not actual user behavior, tends to be better understood. To complement this approach, big data and behavioral analytics can be used to quickly learn more about actual user behavior, thus converging data with design. This is important within fast-paced agile and continuous delivery environments. At Rapid7, an IT and analytics information security organization, the convergence of data with design has allowed for insights that have informed design decisions, which have met users’ mental models and actual needs. To that end, the software design industry is starting to diverge from the form-follows-function school of design, whereby the conventional approach of the user informing the designer has been reversed.

Jay Brewer

September 18, 2017

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  1. Converging Data with Design within Agile and Continuous Delivery Environments

    Jay Brewer Vice President, Experience Design Ger Joyce Lead UX Researcher
  2. Rapid 7 is a company that provides security data and

    analytics solutions to organizations. 2
  3. 3

  4. Rapid7 UX Approach How we structure the team - and

    Data Driven Design is a new part of a larger UX plan
  5. How the Data Driven Design Tracking Works + InsightVM =

    User Interacts with Product Pendo quantifies user interaction Stacked Ranked List of Organizations by Engagement (Product Engagement Index)
  6. 10

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  9. Combine Three - Two Views - 3X Time on Page

    & Double the Visitors - Easier to Use and Find 16
  10. 17

  11. 18

  12. Current (PENDO) Counts of things Pendo Doesn’t know about In

    Product Feedback (PENDO) Qualitative Input into Salesforce
  13. Questions and Takeaways 2 2 Data Driven Design Allows you

    to: 1 - Reduce Engineering Development Costs - Ongoing Savings 2 - Make the Right Investments in the future 3 - Measure Improvement on Redesigns and Show ROI 4 - Product Engagement Index - Know About All the Customers