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Scaling Python

Scaling Python

A talk I gave in November, 2015 at Pycon CA in Toronto, Canada

J Kenneth King

November 07, 2015

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  1. –Super Enterprise Hacker “Scripting languages are great for toys, one-off

    jobs, and prototypes but do not scale for serious projects”
  2. POPPYCOCK! • 4+ million LOC • Python (2.7 for the

    most part, sigh) • 2,351 contributors to the Liberty release • 28,647 accepted contributions • HP, Redhat, Mirantis contributed over 13k commits to Liberty as the top 3 out of 165 companies Source: http://stackalytics.com http://activity.openstack.org/dash/browser/?release=liberty
  3. DREAMCOMPUTE • 2721.31 VMs running on average • 1.38 VCPU

    per VM on average • 1.65 GB of RAM per VM on average • 3755 VCPUs active • 4501 GB of RAM active
  4. IT WORKS PRETTY WELL … and it’s all powered by

    a wimpy toy-language with no static types or SAT-solving compilers…