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Friction - Mary Poppendieck - Agile SG 2016

Friction - Mary Poppendieck - Agile SG 2016

Presented in Agile Singapore 2016 conference


Agile Singapore

October 07, 2016

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  2. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 2 Match Sparks / Digital Art Wallpaper

  3. AP Images Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 3

  4. Fast Reflexive Responsive Expertise Intuition Habit Tacit Knowledge Autopilot Makes

    Most Decisions Overrides System 2 Slow Deliberate Rational Analysis Evidence Plans Explicit Knowledge Manual Mode Checks up on System 1 Basically Lazy Don’t Make Me Think! Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 4
  5. Number of Purchasers 45% First Month Revenue $15 million Annual

    Revenue $300 million forgot password forgot password Continue You do not need to create an account to make purchases. Before After Wake Up System 2 Register??? http://www.uie.com/articles/three_hund_million_button/ Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 5
  6. Fast Reflexive Responsive Expertise Intuition Habit Tacit Knowledge Autopilot Cognitively

    Lazy Cognitively Biased Hands Off My Stuff! Autopilot Of Course I’m Right! Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 6
  7. Hands Off My Stuff! receiptful.com/blog/75‐ecommerce‐facts‐ quotes‐statistics‐that‐will‐blow‐your‐mind Gary Hovland Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC

  8. We seek out and interpret information in a way that

    confirms our preexisting viewpoints. Of Course I’m Right! Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 8
  9. Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Online Experimentation at Microsoft by Kohavi

    , Crook, & Longbotham Presented at KDD 2009 (Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining) http://exp‐platform.com/expMicrosoft.aspx Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 9
  10. Deliberation tends to make groups dumber Creative Commons Gouwenaar Copyright©2016

    Poppendieck.LLC 10
  11. People who believe their opinion is in the minority Making

    it harder for others to express minority opinions Photograph © Tom Poppendieck Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 11
  12. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 12 People rely heavily on the first piece

    of information offered Photograph © Tom Poppendieck
  13. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 13 Sketch: Jake Knapp

  14. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 14 Match Sparks / Digital Art Wallpaper

  15. Minneapolis, Minnesota Cape Town, South Africa 2 weeks total time

    1.5 hours fixing tooth 0.45% Flow Efficiency 8 hours total time 1.5 hours fixing tooth 18.75% flow efficiency Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 15
  16. How many features and functions are actually delivering useful value?

    Probably less than half of them. What if everyone and everything necessary to do the job were in the same room at the same time with nothing else to do? Everything else is superfluous. How much of the demand on your resources is caused by your failures? Busy  Efficient Resource Efficiency is not as efficient as you think! Valuable W ork F ailure D em and Superfluous W ork From This Is Lean, by Modig and Åhlström Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 16
  17.  You think you are here.  You are probably

    here.  Add Resource Efficiency.  Start with Flow Efficiency.     Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 17 From This Is Lean, by Modig and Åhlström
  18. Time you spend actually working on a problem Time the

    person with the problem spends waiting for it to be fixed Flow Efficiency = Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 18
  19. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 19 Optimize Throughput – Not Utilization Minimize the

    Number of Things in Process Minimize the Size of Things in Process Level the Workload Don’t Batch and Queue Manage Pace – Not Tasks Limit Work To Capacity Timebox – Don’t Scopebox Pull – Don’t Push A Completely Utilized Highway Is a Parking Lot
  20. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 20 Match Sparks / Digital Art Wallpaper

  21. For Complex Systems This does not work Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 21

  22. For Complex Systems This works Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 22

  23. Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 23 Acceptance test driven development process Cross‐functional teams

    include Product, QA and Ops Automated build, testing, db migration, and deployment Incremental development on the mainline with continuous integration Software always production ready, or everything stops until it is Deploy constantly, release by switch Slide content credit: Jez Humble Faster – Safer – Smarter
  24. Federated Architecture Constantly Evolving Products Problems Hypotheses Full Stack Teams

    Outsource Infrastructure Tests as Specification Continuous Delivery Don’t do Monolithic Architecture Projects Features Estimates IT Outsource Development Testing at the End Periodic Releases Do Copyright©2016 Poppendieck.LLC 24
  25. None