Opinionated Scala (Reaktor Dev Day 2012)

Opinionated Scala (Reaktor Dev Day 2012)

Valo Research and Trading develops real-time automated trading systems and large-scale data processing applications for the financial markets with Scala.

Scala has a diverse feature set and follows a multiparadigm approach, which makes deciding on design approach and coding style difficult. Scala code can be written in many ways and opinions on best practices vary. Mixing too many styles in a single codebase can result in confusing overall design, which is why Valo writes their Scala in a very specific, opinionated way.

Aki Saarinen discusses the experiences of developing a particular Scala design style, and how Valo ended up with their conventions. The aim of the talk is to challenge the all too typical “better Java” approach and give practical tips on using Scala.


Aki Saarinen

October 19, 2012