Secure your web application with two-factor authentication

79d9ba388d6b6cf4ec7310cad9fa8c8a?s=47 Rob Allen
October 04, 2015

Secure your web application with two-factor authentication

Protecting your users' data with just a username and password is no longer satisfactory. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is the primary method of countering the effects of stolen passwords and is easy to implement in your web application. In this session we will discuss what two-factor authentication is, how it works and the challenges associated with it. We will then look how to integrate two-factor authentication into your PHP application's login workflow. We'll consider both YubiKey and Google Authenticator implementations, so you can make your users' accounts more secure.

This presentation was given at the PHPNW conference in October 2015.


Rob Allen

October 04, 2015