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How Swoole Blows Up Your Mind

Albert Chen
December 20, 2022

How Swoole Blows Up Your Mind

PHPCon Okinawa 2019

Albert Chen

December 20, 2022


  1. About Me • Albert Chen • Software Architect • M17

    HandsUp • Open Source Maintainer
  2. What is Swoole? • A C extension for PHP •

    An asynchronous network engine for PHP • Features: • Event-driven non-blocking I/O • HTTP / HTTP2 / Websocket / TCP / UDP • Coroutine (CSP Model) • High performance for high concurrency
  3. Lifecycle in PHP PHP
 Files Tokenizing Semantic Parsing AST Generate

    Bytecode Execute Bytecode Output Load Bytecode From Memory Check Bytecode Cache
  4. Blocking I/O in PHP Request Request Request Request PHP FPM

    FPM Pool FPM Pool Worker Worker Worker Worker Blocking I/O
  5. Structure in Swoole Server • Code Is Persistent in Memory

    • Swoole Takes Lifecycle Over PHP • Reduce Initialization Steps • Reduce Response Latency • Event-driven Non-blocking I/O for Requests
  6. Use Case Facebook Webhooks Message Load Balancer Server Server Server

    Queue PubNub
 Service Analysis Service Swoole Service PubSub Many to Many Queue Workers High Concurrent Requests
  7. Q&A