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Build Your High Concurrency App With PHP and Swoole

Build Your High Concurrency App With PHP and Swoole

Jomlaunch Asia 2021

Albert Chen

December 20, 2022

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  1. @JomLaunch 2021 Build your High Concurrency App with PHP and

    Swoole Albert Chen
  2. About Me { "data": { "human": { "name": "Albert Chen",

    "occupation": "Software Architect", "website": "https://albert-chen.com", "interests": [ "traveling", "programming", "cooking" ] }, "tags": [ "Laravel Artisan", "Swoole Enthusiast", "Open Source Contributor" ] } }
  3. Outline • Introduction of Swoole • PHP’s Internal Lifecycle •

    Blocking I/O in PHP • Server Structure of Swoole • Benchmark of Swoole • Coroutine in Swoole • Some Facts about Swoole • Q&A
  4. Slido Join at slido.com #760920

  5. Slido Join at slido.com #760920

  6. What is Swoole?

  7. None
  8. What is Swoole? • Since 2012 • Open source based

    on Apache-2.0 License • 17k stars until July 2021 • More than 100 contributors • Adopted by many enterprises in China • O ffi cially supported by Laravel Octane
  9. What is Swoole? • A C extension for PHP •

    An asynchronous network engine for PHP • Features: • Event-driven non-blocking I/O • HTTP / HTTP2 / Websocket / TCP / UDP • Coroutine (CSP Model) • Excellent performance for high concurrency
  10. What is Swoole? • Not a new language, but an

    extension for PHP • Provides many new features for traditional PHP • New lifecycle in Swoole • Server patterns, coroutine, async I/O, Process Management, etc. • It's still under active development • Stable for production environment • High performance
  11. Usage Statistics for Websites

  12. PHP’s Benchmark https://kinsta.com/blog/php-benchmarks/

  13. Benchmark Comparison https://www.toptal.com/back-end/server-side-io-performance-node-php-java-go

  14. Why PHP Performs Poorly in High Concurrency?

  15. PHP Lifecycle

  16. How many files are required for one request in Laravel?

    426 get_included_files() In Laravel 8.52
  17. Stateless PHP • How do we serve PHP today? •

    PHP-FPM • mod_php for Apache
 • Both patterns are all stateless
  18. Stateless PHP • Pros • Easy scaling • Simple, less

    risk causing memory leaks • Cons • States can't be shared between requests • States must rely on external storages • Resources can't be reused e ffi ciently • Connection cost is expensive (like database) • Not good for high performance
  19. Blocking I/O in PHP • PHP is originally created as

    glue layer to call C functions • The I/O model is blocking by default • Almost all client-side libraries involving I/O are blocking • Multiple process for handling blocking I/O • I/O bound concurrency depends on process number • Cost for context switch in processes is expensive
  20. Blocking I/O in PHP • Resource can't be reused •

    I/O requests are blocking • 80% time cost on blocking I/O
  21. Blocking I/O in PHP

  22. Event Loop in NodeJS

  23. Concurrency Problem • 100 requests at the same time need

    100 processes • 100 connections will be established as well • Scale to increase concurrency
  24. Let’s See What Changes in Swoole

  25. Server Structure in Swoole

  26. PHP Lifecycle in Swoole Run only once!

  27. Server Structure in Swoole • Code Is Persistent in Memory

    • Swoole Server Takes Lifecycle Over PHP • Reduce Initialization Steps • Reduce Response Latency • Event-driven Non-blocking I/O for Requests
  28. Benchmark Comparison between Go and Swoole

  29. Server Benchmark in Go

  30. Server Benchmark in Go

  31. Server Benchmark in PHP

  32. Server Benchmark in PHP

  33. This Doesn’t Mean PHP with Swoole is Faster Than Go

    (Of Course Not)
  34. Coroutine in Swoole

  35. Coroutine in Swoole • Non-Blocking I/Os are scheduled by coroutine

    automatically. PHP is the best Swoole is awesome! Hello world!
  36. Coroutine in Swoole Hello Swoole • Non-Blocking I/Os are

    scheduled by coroutine automatically.
  37. Coroutine in Swoole … Hello Swoole!

    • Non-Blocking I/Os are scheduled by coroutine automatically.
  38. Coroutine in Swoole Hello Swoole! …

    • Non-Blocking I/Os are scheduled by coroutine automatically.
  39. Coroutine in Swoole • CSP Model 1 2 3 4

  40. Some Facts about Swoole • Most of traditional PHP projects

    needs to be refactored. • Convert requests and responses
  41. Some Facts about Swoole • Global states in PHP needs

    to be used more carefully. (eg. $_GET, $_POST, static, global)
  42. Some Facts about Swoole • Global states in PHP needs

    to be used more carefully. (eg. $_GET, $_POST, static, global)
  43. Some Facts about Swoole • Don’t use exit/die function in

    your PHP application.
  44. Some Facts about Swoole • Memory leak may happen!!!

  45. Some Facts about Swoole • You can try Hyperf framework

    for your new projects. Hyperf = Hyperspeed + Flexibility https://www.hyperf.io
  46. Some Facts about Swoole • Swoole is now o ffi

    cially supported by Laravel team. • Laravel will become friendly in long-running server • Some Octane features rely on Swoole • No coroutine features are supported yet
  47. Some Facts about Swoole • There’s knowledge gap for traditional

    PHP developers.
  48. Q&A