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Dynamic web development with Oak

Dynamic web development with Oak

The speech I did about Oak, library that works on top of ASP.NET MVC and utilizes features of dynamic is sake of productivity and frictionless development.

Alexander Beletsky

March 29, 2013

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  1. Dynamic web development with Oak framework

  2. None
  3. Development with static languages Change, Build, Run, Inspect

  4. Basically, what you do is always compiling

  5. I’ve spent one year with Node.js development Did it change

  6. Oh, yeah!

  7. Dynamic environment brings lightweight development workflows

  8. Development with dynamic languages Change, Build, Run, Inspect

  9. What is ”frictionless” development?

  10. Less setup Less manual builds Less manual deployments Less debugging

    Less code for obvious stuff
  11. But wait a minute, C# is dynamic language

  12. Please welcome, Oak framework https://github.com/amirrajan/Oak

  13. Try interactive tutorial

  14. What’s behind that magic?

  15. Gemini “Gemini is the core construct in Oak. It is

    what brings all the capabilities of a dynamic type system to C#”
  16. Cambium “Oak’s entity model based on augmented Massive micro ORM.

    Provides support for persistence and change tracking”
  17. NSpec “BDD style unit testing framework, default for Oak applications”

  18. Canopi “UI testing framework utilizing F#, providing handy DSL for

    functional tests”
  19. Are you serious about it?

  20. Sure, I’m • It’s still .NET code • It runs

    on top of ASP .NET MVC • Modern development tends to be agile (read, apps delivered faster)
  21. Thanks, @alexbeletsky http://github.com/alexanderbeletsky http://beletsky.net