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Tech Culture in Startups

Tech Culture in Startups

Alex Beletsky is Lead Architect blogfoster GmbH, meeting fast growing Ukranian startup Preply.com to share some insights on building high quality and productive tech culture, based on full stack development, XP practices, Agile and fun.

Alexander Beletsky

May 19, 2017

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  1. Alexander Beletsky Ph.D, Software Engineer, Lead Architect at blogfoster GmbH

    http://beletsky.net https://github.com/alexbeletsky @alexbeletsky
  2. Full Stack Culture One Developer One Feature One Release Being

    able to produce the features, not just a code pieces.
  3. master develop branches • No direct commits • Always green

    • Accepts merges from `develop` branch • Always reflects the current production • No direct commits • Always green • Merges from `feature_branches` branches • Always reflects the current staging env • Anytime could be merged to `master` and deployed • Work happens here • Rebased from `develop` branch • Could be red, but not for a long time • Source for pull requests to `develop` branch • Should take care of breaking changes
  4. The Good Code Review possible if: • Reviewer has better

    qualification • Reviewer fully understands user story • Reviewer is able to test the story
  5. The Good TDD possible if: • Team has high qualification

    & experience • Team shares the same technical values and discipline • Team cares about quality of their output
  6. from TDD to BDD Behavior driven development is the way

    of testing, where focus is placed into behavior of whole system, not implementation details of particular function.
  7. Build the Culture Culture is very important, even for early-days

    startup. Good culture in tech teams would make you feel being a part of something important, take your job seriously and grow as professional together with company.